Jason Tartick & Kaitlyn Bristowe Continue Romantic Date Weekend, ‘Bachelor’ Franchise Stars Clearly Hit It Off

Sam Wasson / Bryan BedderGetty Images

The romance between Bachelor franchise veterans Kaitlyn Bristowe and Jason Tartick seems to be picking up speed quickly. The two recently revealed that they would be heading out on a date together while in Denver, and their latest social media posts make it clear that they weren’t ready to call it quits after just one date this past weekend. In fact, the two look positively smitten with one another — and fans are loving this duo.

As the Inquisitr detailed previously, there has been some speculation about a pairing involving Jason Tartick and Kaitlyn Bristowe for a little while now. They had been flirty on social media, and gossip guru Reality Steve said that “something” was going on — although he wasn’t sure exactly how far things had progressed.

Over the weekend, Kaitlyn and Jason were posting frequent updates to their Instagram pages as their first public date played out. The Inquisitr shared that Friday night they drank wine and went dancing, and that they met up with some of Kaitlyn’s friends.

That Friday night date wasn’t the end of Kaitlyn and Jason’s romantic weekend, though. On Sunday, Bristowe and Tartick went to a basketball game together. The former Bachelorette star shared some video clips of the date via her Instagram Stories.

Later in the evening, Kaitlyn joked that Jason had ordered a Canadian beer to flirt with her — and she shared a fuzzy shot of Tartick standing with his arm around her neck as he kissed the side of her face. After that, the two closed down a restaurant as they bonded over more wine, and Bristowe noted that Tartick was “so cute.”

Jason shared some fun videos via his Instagram Stories too, and it looks like he and Kaitlyn spend a pretty full day together on Sunday. According to Us Weekly, Bristowe and Tartick spent much of Saturday together in Denver as well. They hung out at a spot called Howl at the Moon in Denver, and shared laughs and drinks throughout the evening.

It may seem as if Kaitlyn and Jason’s romance is blossoming very quickly, but Reality Steve recently noted that this past weekend wasn’t the first time the Bachelor franchise veterans have gone on a date.

“Kaitlyn and Jason are publicly saying they’re going out on a date now, which is kinda funny though. Are they saying and acting like this is the first time they’ve been out together? Because it’s not. But how cute they’re pretending it is. Have at it kids. I don’t have anything against either of them. I just know (as do others) this isn’t the first time they’re going out, so, I’m not sure why they’re making it seem like it is.”

Kaitlyn Bristowe and Jason Tartick both love wine, dancing, being silly, and flirting — and a lot of Bachelor fans think they make a great match. What comes next after this date-filled weekend in Denver? Will the two be public about officially being together, or will they keep an air of mystery swirling around the matter? People are definitely into the idea of these two getting serious about a relationship, and everybody will be curious to see what comes next.