‘Bold And The Beautiful’ Spoilers: Steffy Adopts Baby Phoebe & Piecing Together The Baby Beth Puzzle

Pascal Le Segretain / David LivingstonGetty Images

Bold and the Beautiful spoilers hint that the story of Hope Logan Spencer (Annika Noelle), Steffy Forrester (Jacqueline MacInnes Wood), and a little baby is just beginning.

Let’s piece together everything that is known about the baby that Reese Buckingham (Wayne Brady) says belongs to Florence (Katrina Bowden) — and consider possible storylines that may develop.

Reese Buckingham Knows That Taylor Hayes Will Pay For A Baby

In a vulnerable moment, Taylor Hayes (Hunter Tylo) confided in Reese that her daughter Steffy wanted to adopt a baby. When Reese told her that it would cost upwards from $50,000, Taylor said that she would pay ten times that amount to make her granddaughter happy.

Reese’s Debt Collector

A thug (Andrew Johnson) approaches Reese at Il Giardino. It soon becomes apparent that Reese owes him $200,000. Reese tells him that he will pay him, but that he had just started working at the Catalina Clinic. The thug threatens Reese’s daughter Zoe Buckingham (Kiara Barnes).

Hope’s Labor On Bold And The Beautiful

Hope goes into labor while alone on Catalina Island. A hotel employee accompanies her to the clinic. Dr. Buckingham books her into a bed, but there’s no other staff available. The power goes out due to the storm, but a generator kicks in. B&B viewers see another lady whose baby had died during childbirth, and he sends her home.

Reese supports Hope during the labor and encourages her to push. Shortly before Hope passes out she tells him that the baby’s name is Beth and that Liam Spencer (Scott Clifton) was on his way.

When Hope wakes up, Liam told her that the baby did not make it. Reese said that she suffered from a placental abruption, and that the baby did not have enough nutrients or oxygen to survive.

Zoe Notices The Change In Her Dad

Zoe notices that her dad is exhausted, and tells him to take medication to help him sleep. He told her that the night of Hope’s baby’s birth was the worst night of his life.

Later, at the baby’s memorial service, Zoe notes that her father’s other patient also lost a baby that night.

Taylor Recommends Grief Counseling

Taylor was initially surprised that Brooke Logan (Katherine Kelly Lang) invited her to Beth’s memorial service. But she was able to recommend that Hope and Liam seek grief counseling — and should also join a support group. To that end, she gave them some contact details.

Many B&B fans are speculating that the woman who also lost her baby at Catalina Clinic could be present at the grief support group since she lost her child. What if she also remembers that her child also had a birthmark on her left leg?

Liam & Hope Remember Beth

Hope and Liam remember that Beth had a birthmark on her left leg. Hope said that she knows that it sounds crazy — but that she feels that the baby is still alive.

Reese Surprises Taylor With A Baby

Bold and the Beautiful fans saw that Reese told Taylor that he had a special surprise for her. He emerged from the bedroom with a baby in his arms. He told her that the baby belonged to Florence (Katrina Bowden), a woman who wanted to give her baby up for adoption.

Per Highlight Hollywood, Taylor talks to Steffy about adopting the baby. Steffy will realize that she could make all of her dreams come true.

Steffy Adopts Baby & Calls Her Phoebe

The closing credits from Friday, January 11, show that there is a “Baby Phoebe” in the credits, per Daytime Royalty Online— one played by Rosalind Aune and Isabella De Armas. Who else would name their child Phoebe but Steffy — who wants a sibling for Kelly (Zoe Pennington and Chloe Maria Teperman)? The very reason Steffy wants to adopt is so that Kelly can have a special bond with a sibling, similar to what she shared with her twin sibling — Phoebe.

But based on the evidence, there’s a pretty good chance that Phoebe is Beth — and that Dr. Buckingham was paid $200,000 for the adoption. If that is the case, it is only a matter of time before his deceit is brought to light, and Hope’s baby is given back. However, Hope’s joy will also mean a bittersweet goodbye for Steffy.

Bold and the Beautiful airs weekdays on CBS.