Hundreds Of Brits Buy $500 ‘Brexit Box’ Survival Kits Over Fears Of Food Shortages When The UK Leaves The EU

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Many Brits who fear a Walking Dead style zombie apocalypse scenario when the U.K. leaves the EU are rushing to buy a “Brexit Box” survival kit — one retailing at around $500 — to ensure that they’re battle-ready for the trials and tribulations ahead.

Emergency Food Shortage U.K. are the brain child behind the “Brexit Box” which launched last month. The product has already sold over 600 units to motivated buyers.

The BBC reports that the company’s owner, James Blake, doesn’t believe that he is exploiting people’s concerns about leaving the EU. He explained that the fear has become overwhelming since the vote, largely due to the uncharted water which Britain is about to sail upon.

Mr. Blake explained, “Having something like this in place actually helps calm somebody’s fears a little bit because they know they have done something to prepare for what may come… It’s just being that little bit more prepared and having that little bit more wiggle room.”

The “Brexit Box'” contains the bare basics a person will need to survive a nightmarish scenario of having no food supplies or access to clean water. It contains 60 portions of freeze-fried main meals, plus 48 portions of meat, a water filter, and a fire starter.

The U.K. government has stressed that there is no need to stockpile any items — and that buyers should be wary of cynical profiteers exploiting their insecurities.

A spokesperson said, “People don’t need to stockpile food, water filters or fire starters. The U.K. has a strong level of food security built upon a diverse range of sources including strong domestic production and imports from third countries. This will continue to be the case whether we leave the EU with or without a deal.”

Yet the panic over Brexit continues to spread like wildfire. Popular website Mumsnet now has a “Prepping for Brexit” page, and many people remain concerned.

Anxious Brit Lynda Mayall, 61, has purchased a “Brexit Box” in addition to her stocks of canned food and toilet paper.

Lynda explained, “I’m not worried about Brexit, I’m worried about the aftermath. I feel that there’s going to be a bit of chaos for the first six months until border controls are sorted.”

“I’ve always been a person that feels it is important to make sure I’ve got supplies in and there’s been times in the past when myself and my children have had to live on emergency food storage because we’ve had no money coming in. Does it matter if I’m being overly anxious? This stuff lives for 25 years so it’s not going to go off and it means I’ve got something there to protect me in times of need and trouble.”

Discarded placards bearing Brexit slogans.
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Professor Tim Benton is an expert in food systems from the University of Leeds, and does not believe that the U.K. will run out of food. Benton does think, however, that there will be a degree of disruption caused by people panic-buying and overreacting.

However, the director general of the Confederation of Paper Industries, Andrew Large, is not so confident. He believes that something doesn’t smell right about a no-deal Brexit.

Mr. Large revealed, “If there’s a no-deal Brexit, if there are real problems of congestion at the ports then, along with an awful lot of other products that are heavily imported into the UK, there will be problems with the supply of toilet paper.”