Trump Tweets The Wrong City For Today’s Travel

Mario Tama Getty Images

President Trump tweeted on Monday morning that he’s traveling to a farming convention in Nashville, Tennessee, and expressed his joy at visiting the area, writing “love our farmers, love Tennessee.”

It turns out he had the wrong city and state.

Trump is in fact traveling to New Orleans on Monday, and not Nashville. Fox Nashville tweeted, not long afterward, that “President Trump is not coming to Nashville, Tennessee today. The Farm Bureau Convention is in New Orleans,” in case residents of the Nashville area were concerned about traffic disruptions and other consequences of a previously unannounced presidential visit.

The president deleted the tweet, but never sent out a corrected version.

The convention, formally known as the “2019 AFBF Annual Convention & IDEAg Trade Show,” began on Jan. 11 and continues through Wednesday. It’s the 100th edition of the convention.

Last year’s AFBF convention, at which Trump also spoke, was indeed held in Nashville, which was perhaps the reason for the confusion.

“The American Farm Bureau Federation is honored once again to host our nation’s president,” AFBF President Zippy Duvall, who is a Georgia-based beef and poultry farmer, said in a statement announcing the speech. “President Trump has made agriculture a clear priority, giving farmers and ranchers a seat at the table on the top issues affecting our farms, ranches and rural communities. What better way to celebrate 100 years of Farm Bureau than to welcome the president of the United States to our centennial celebration?”

Several members of Congress are also scheduled to attend the AFBF’s annual convention.

Trump signed a farm bill late last year, and on the same day posted a video of himself dressed as a farmer and singing a duet of the Green Acres theme song with actress Megan Mullaly, on an old Emmy Awards broadcast.

It does appear that Trump, despite the tweet, flew on Air Force One to the correct city. Another 2016 presidential candidate, Jill Stein, once accidentally flew to Cincinnati instead of Columbus for a campaign rally, USA Today reported at the time.

Trump sent several other tweets Monday morning, noting that “the Fake News gets crazier and more dishonest every single day,” arguing that “Nancy and Cryin’ Chuck [House Speaker Nancy Pelosi and Senate Minoriy Leader Charles Schumer) can end the Shutdown in 15 minutes,” and noting that several Democratic lawmakers had traveled to Puerto Rico during the government shutdown for the debut of its special run of Hamilton.