January 13, 2019
Jeanine Pirro Offers A Weak Apology After Giving A Fabricated Report On Nancy Pelosi

Fox News host Jeanine Pirro is facing harsh backlash on social media after admitting she gave a false report on Speaker of the House Nancy Pelosi. According to Newsweek, Pirro made an insulting claim against Pelosi during an exclusive interview with President Trump on Saturday. She suggested that the Speaker of the House wasn't overly worried about the partial government shutdown and had been enjoying a weekend in Puerto Rico. Her statement was quickly found to be false. In fact, Pelosi has been in D.C. all weekend.

Pirro had no choice but to offer a lukewarm apology on Twitter, blaming her false reporting on other reports with incorrect information.

"During my exclusive interview with Pres Trump I said Speaker Pelosi was in Puerto Rico with a bunch of her Democrat colleagues," the former judge tweeted on Sunday. "I based that on numerous reports that turned out to be wrong. The Speaker's office says she has been in DC all weekend and I take them at their word."

Twitter users were quick to fault her for what they deemed an insincere apology. Many wondered why she hadn't fact checked the report prior to bringing it up on national television.

"Wouldn't it make sense to verify something like that ahead of time instead of making that statement in front of a large audience," one user asked. Others were a bit harsher, making jokes about how Pirro must have worked up the nerve to admit she had spoken in error.

"Must've taken you at least 2 boxes of wine to tweet this," one user said.

The rest of Pirro's interview with President Trump was just as controversial. Topics of conversation spanned from the Mueller probe to Trump's current stance with Russia. The former judge didn't hold back from the hard hitting questions, straight up asking the president if he was working on Russia's behalf. Unsurprisingly, Trump wasn't pleased with the suggestion and fought back vehemently, calling it "the most insulting thing I've ever been asked."

The media was quick to attack the president for his response, saying that a simple question deserved a simple response. Many did not feel that the president was behaving in a way that an innocent person should be. Still, Trump continues to speak of the progress he's made with Russia and the bond the United States has formed with them.

"Nobody's been as tough as I have from any standpoint including the fact that we've done oil like we've never done it, we're setting records in exporting oil and many other things," he said.