‘General Hospital’ Spoilers Tease That Valentin’s Secret Is Getting Closer To Being Exposed

Craig SjodinABC Press

Nina Reeves is as happy as she’s been in a long time on General Hospital. She has a daughter that she thought had died, or so she thinks. She is also back living with Valentin after their reconciliation. Nina is grateful that he loves her enough to locate her child for her, but it is all a great big lie.

Nina is just one step away from total disaster when she discovers the truth about Sasha. Only three people know that Sasha isn’t really her daughter, with Liesl Obrecht unexpectedly finding out the truth. On Friday’s General Hospital, you could tell that she wanted so badly to tell her niece the truth. She could see the complete joy and happiness from her talking about finding Sasha. Sometimes Dr. O really does have a heart.

Spoilers from Soap Central for this coming week indicates that Nina is given some type of warning. It is most likely from her Aunt Liesl. The previews for Monday’s show revealed that Nina wanted to know why she wasn’t too keen about Sasha since Liesl has never met the girl. Obrecht is heard telling Nina that sometimes with joy also comes heartbreak. That could very well be the warning that the General Hospital spoilers are talking about. Or a warning from someone else could pop up as well.

In the meantime, Curtis will learn from Valentin that he and Nina are back together and happy. Curtis looked quite shocked by this news. The last he knew, Nina was adamant about not going back to Valentin.

He has no idea that Nina’s husband duped her just to win her back. Curtis was involved in finding Nina’s daughter and had a hand in bringing her back to Port Charles. He is also being duped by Valentin and Sasha. He would never hurt Nina on purpose. Something may just pique his interest in finding out more about this girl down the road. Of course, Obrecht may end up spilling the beans to Nina before he even gets a chance to.

Peter put it in Valentin’s head that Obrecht won’t be able to keep her mouth shut. He told him that it is just a matter of time before she uses that information to her advantage and then it will all blow up in his face.

A few General Hospital teasers say that there is someone else out there who will turn out to be Nina’s real daughter. She will have the other half of the necklace that Nina has in her possession. Willow Tait is rumored to be her daughter. The school teacher is expected to have another meeting with Lulu and Nina soon. That would certainly be a good time for that necklace to pop up just as Nina is there with her.

Stay tuned to General Hospital to see if Nina will somehow find out about the secret that Valentin is keeping from her. It is expected to all blow up in his face soon enough.