‘Outlander’ Features The Return Of A Beloved Character And A New Alliance [Spoilers]

Dia DipasupilGetty Images

In the latest Outlander episode entitled “If Not For Hope,” fans of the series get their first look at a very pregnant Brianna Randall (Sophie Skelton) at the River Run Plantation of Jamie’s Aunt Jocasta. Meanwhile, Claire, Jamie, and Ian continue looking for Roger, who has been taken away by the Mohawk tribe.

But while there is drama brewing on the road trip north to find Roger, Stephen Bonnet is being sought in Wilmington, and Aunt Jocasta is trying to find a husband for Bree just in case Roger can’t be found.

Town & Country reports that Bree uses her wits to wiggle out of one proposal and into another as Lord John Grey reappears on the scene as a dinner guest. Fans will remember that Lord Grey is the friend of Jamie Fraser’s who was raising Jamie’s son when he had to suddenly leave Scotland.

While Brianna still doesn’t know about her half brother, she does learn quickly about the bond between Lord Grey and her father, and she realizes that he can help her out of a sticky spot which will save her reputation and keep other potential suitors away for the duration of her pregnancy.

In tonight’s episode, we also see Brianna bonding with Phaedre, a house slave at River Run, while continuing to keep her auntie at arm’s length. In Wilmington, Murtagh catches up with Stephen Bonnet, and on the road, Jamie, Claire, and Ian find bones that they fear will give them a clue to Roger’s well-being.

As the episode comes to an end, Roger, who has started healing from his last beating, meets the rest of the Mohawk tribe in New York and seemingly gets jumped into the tribe.

But while fans are concerned about Roger, they are also still unsure about the future of Brianna and Jamie’s new father-daughter relationship after miscommunication leads to tragedy, according to a prior Outlander recap by the Inquisitr.

Sam Heughan, who plays Jamie Fraser, and Skelton, who plays Bree, had done press together, but before the meeting scene in Wilmington, the two had never appeared in a scene together.

While it’s unclear which way the relationship between the father and daughter will go, Skelton says that her first scene with Heughan will forever be a favorite.

“Their reunion is actually one of my favorite scenes, not just because it’s one of the most anticipated moments from the book, but because there’s so much going on for Bree. It’s not a simple ‘meeting your father for the first time’ moment. She’s got Laoghaire’s voice in her head about will Jamie accept her?”

Only two more episodes remain in the current season of Outlander, so next week’s episode will likely tease the outcome of Roger’s time with the tribe.