Fans Hope Anthony Scaramucci Lasts Longer On ‘Celebrity Big Brother’ Than He Did In Trump’s Administration

Ben GabbeGetty Images

Anthony Scaramucci is headed to the Celebrity Big Brother house, and fans are hoping he lasts longer than a Mooch.

On Sunday, CBS announced the full lineup for the upcoming season of the reality show, which has a cast of celebrities this year. As the Hollywood Reporter noted, the cast includes a number of celebrities and former athletes, with the onetime member of Donald Trump’s administration one of the standouts.

The announcement that Scaramucci would be competing on Celebrity Big Brother caused a stir online, with many taking the chance to mock his very short tenure as White House Communications Director. Some Trump critics even refer to the 10 days Scarmucci served in the administration before being fired by Trump as a “Mooch,” a measure of time used to gauge other periods of Trump’s tenure.

The decision to bring Scaramucci onto the reality show’s cast may be a good marketing decision, as CBS has already found some success in casting former members of the Trump administration. The previous iteration of Celebrity Big Brother had Omarosa Manigault Newman, who attracted quite a bit of attention by sharing some details about her time in the White House while in the house.

The network apparently hopes to get the same attention with Anthony Scaramucci, making his appearance the major marketing point of the season. Scaramucci’s appearance was announced at the conclusion of the commercial announcing the season, which had plenty of attention as it aired during the NFL playoffs on Sunday.

The Celebrity Big Brother spot got even more viral attention on the internet, where many took to Twitter to crack jokes about Scaramucci’s appearance.

Anthony Scaramucci could have a bit of an edge on Celebrity Big Brother given his history in television, at least when it comes to getting screen time. Before being a (short-lived) member of Donald Trump’s team, Scaramucci was known for his many cable news appearances to discuss business and policies, where he often had a flair for the dramatic. Scaramucci was once a vocal critic of Trump during the 2016 presidential campaign, speaking out against the Republican candidate’s indiscretions and his plans to build a border wall. It was only after Trump won the nomination and later became president that the fellow New York businessman turned into a supporter.

Those who want to see Anthony Scaramucci can tune in to CBS when Celebrity Big Brother airs on Monday, January 21, at 8 p.m. ET, 7 p.m. CT.