Kate Middleton Target Of ISIS Poisoning Threat, Per ‘Daily Mail’

Chris JacksonGetty Images

Members of the extremist group ISIS are encouraging supporters online to tamper with food that they know the Duchess of Cambridge buys at the supermarket in order to poison her. The organization is interested in murdering Kate Middleton by targeting her groceries.

The Daily Mail says that this act has been plotted on messaging app Telegram, detailing where and when the mother-of-three shops for groceries.

These threats are being taken “very seriously” as others have threatened the life of Prince George by name, mentioning where he attends school.

“Intelligence agents believe the threats made against Kate are not idle and are linked to messages sent by Husnain Rashid. It’s a disgusting plot as it involves Kate’s young children, and hits out at her attempt to live a normal life like any mother wants to.”

Rashid, who is from Lancashire, is serving 25 years behind bars for his threats against the little prince, and for sharing photos online with images of masked jihadist fighters superimposed over pictures of Prince George.

In a separate post, plans were mentioned related to a future terrorist bombing at a football stadium. Most chilling was a plot to inject ice cream with poison in the summer months.

The New York Post says that along with the threats against the Duchess of Cambridge and her groceries was a photo of Kate with a shopping cart which includes a big red x.

Over the holidays, Middleton was spotted at several stores around Norfolk shopping for groceries for their local home, Anmer Hall. The busy mom was seen with carts full of groceries at the local Waitrose, The Range, and Tesco.

In April, the Inquisitr wrote about the findings against Husnain Rashid and the threats he posted on Twitter, which encouraged others to harm Prince George, suggesting that the royal family should not feel safe.

The report against Rashid spelled out the charges.

“[Husnain Rashid] published statements which intended members of the public to be directly or indirectly encouraged to commit, prepare or instigate acts of terrorism.”

And Rashid didn’t limit his threats to the royals and the United Kingdom, mentioning a Halloween parade in New York City and the Burmese Embassy as possible locations for a bombing, adding the words, “You know what to do.”

This year, Prince George was enrolled in a new school, but there is no word on whether that is related to the threats associated with this case.