‘Love And Hip Hop’ Star Alexis Skyy Claims Blac Chyna Threw A Drink At Her And Started A Fight

Jamie McCarthyGetty Images

Love and Hip Hop star Alexis Skyy says that Blac Chyna threw a drink at her while the two were partying in the VIP section of a club in California on Saturday night. Apparently out of the blue, Chyna became upset and told Skyy to leave the party before throwing a drink at her. According to TMZ, things only went downhill from there, with Skyy demanding that Chyna come outside of the club so that she could fight her.

Skyy claims that Chyna invited her into the VIP section of the club where the two had a few drinks together. But out of nowhere, Chyna told Skyy to leave the VIP area and apparently, Skyy refused to leave, so Chyna threw a drink at her – or at least that’s how Skyy recalls it in a series of posts on her Instagram stories early Sunday morning.

Exactly what took place isn’t clear, but Skyy accused Chyna of abusing drugs and then challenged the reality star to come outside for a fight. Neither Skyy nor Chyna have posted anything further, so there aren’t any additional details on how things ended or Chyna’s position on the situation.

Some social media followers aren’t buying Skyy’s account. One person questioned why Skyy would go after someone who is allegedly on drugs.

“If she on crack why Alexis want to fight her doesn’t she know she got super strength on that ish,” they said.

Another person said that the story doesn’t sound realistic.

“You obviously lying, what prompted the argument. Chyna doesn’t run, nor does she travel by her self. Someone else would have thrown that drink on you, so what’s the real tea?”

Another called out the suspicious narrative.

“She said they threw hands after the drink was thrown. So why are you still outside trying to fight her? These women do anything even as ‘mothers.'”

Chyna has been in the news this week after she agreed to pay for items belonging to Rob Kardashian that she allegedly destroyed, including a new television. The former couple got into an argument in December 2016, where a witness says that things got out of control.

According to the witness, Chyna consumed a large amount of alcohol and broke a television, a door, a cell phone, a gingerbread house, and damaged walls in the home. She also apparently attempted to harm Kardashian.

“Chyna lunged towards Rob with an iPhone charging cable and attempted to strangle Rob with the cord around his neck,” they said.

Chyna is challenging the account, saying that some of the things, like the gingerbread house, were her own and that Kardashian is inflating the value of the damage.

Chyna hasn’t responded to requests for confirmation of the altercation. Skyy has since deleted the clips.