‘The Challenge’ Stars Brad Fiorenza And Paulie Calafiore Begin Twitter War


Get ready fans of MTV’s The Challenge, it looks like Brad Fiorenza and Paulie Calafiore are reigniting their feud. The two Challenge contenders met on Season 32 of the popular reality series and didn’t get along from the get-go. Paulie famously lied to Brad about his then-girlfriend Britni Thornton, betraying him in the Redemption House with her ex-boyfriend, Chuck Mowery. Paulie’s lie made Brad question Britni when he really didn’t need to, which basically amounted to psychological warfare on the Big Brother alum’s part.

The two men have already gone at one another on Twitter before, but things settled down now that a season isn’t currently airing on MTV. After Paulie tweeted at all of his Challenge contenders on Friday, Brad wasn’t shy to respond.

“Nobody will ever say s*** to my face in or out of the game. I talk s*** to challengers not being athletes because there’s only a handful of them that are and I respect. Big pay guarantees and few back it up anymore which is stupid for MTV to keep shelling out… Prove me wrong,” Paulie wrote.

The tweet seemed to come out of nowhere to fans, who weren’t sure what provoked the post. It didn’t matter who started Paulie’s rant, because Brad seemed to end it.

“Let me be crystal clear when I say I will stop you dead in your tracks at half throttle. I don’t talk s*** but your comments go too far. Those little kicks are comical,” Brad tweeted back.

Fellow Challenge competitor Marie Roda got in on the action by commenting on Brad’s response.

“Full throttle Brad terrifies me,” she wrote.

It wasn’t just Brad who seemed annoyed with Paulie’s random rant, as Challenge fans began ganging up on the newbie in the comment section. Challenge viewers are extremely loyal to the show, and normally stick behind OGs like Brad when it comes to feuds with new players.

“@PaulCalafiore_ Brad once completed a triathlon while on his way to kick your a**. Brad also wrestles bears during warm ups and races sharks during cool down. Brad is the most interesting challenger alive! #stepasidehomie, ” a fan tweeted to Paulie.

The Challenge Season 33 is set to debut on MTV in a few months. According to spoiler accounts, Paulie will return to the new season, which he has also confirmed on his social media. At this time, Brad is not listed in any spoilers as being a part of the cast.