Kate Middleton’s Brother James Shares Struggles With Dyslexia & ADD

Justin TallisGetty Images

James Middleton — who has, up until now, been the low-key Middleton sibling who avoided the limelight — is now speaking out about a lifetime struggle with learning disabilities which contributed to his depression and isolation. But now he is using his platform as the brother in law of the future King of England to speak out about the need for better understanding, in reference to mental health.

The Daily Beast says that James Middleton explains that ever since he was a child, he knew he had to work harder just to keep up with his peers, due to severe his severe dyslexia.

“Some days I have difficulty spelling the simplest words.”

But even with extra help and tutoring, James says he always lagged behind his classmates. He says that with intensive coaching, he was finally able to get into university, but dropped out after his first year.

James Middleton was just diagnosed with attention deficit disorder (ADD) on top of dyslexia within the last year and believes had he received the dual diagnosis earlier, it would have made a real difference.

But it wasn’t until a depression diagnosis in 2016 — which led to a diagnosis of ADD — that the brother of the Duchess of Cambridge finally received the help he needed to move forward.

James Middleton credits cognitive behavioral therapy and medication with helping him get a grip on how he thinks, learns, and what makes him tick, as well as executive functioning techniques which allow him to complete tasks.

Middleton says that he will never say he’s cured, but he’s glad that the stigma attached to mental illness is lessening.

“Today—hard as it is to admit this—I am pleased I went through debilitating depression because I now have the skills to fight it. It’s OK not to be OK.”

The royal-in-law gives credit to his sister, as previously covered in the Inquisitr, Kate Middleton and Princes Harry and William who have given a voice to mental health concerns by talking about their own struggles. Kate Middleton has made mental health education and diagnosis for children her pet project, saying that she wouldn’t hesitate to get her own children counseling and therapy when needed.

Prince Harry has spoken in depth about his own struggles with depression, and the sadness that he felt after the loss of his mother, Princess Diana. The prince says that this sadness and hopelessness dogged him into adulthood until he was encouraged to seek professional help from a therapist.

James Middleton says that hearing others speak their truth is helpful to everyone who suffers from depression and a learning difference.