Woman Who Suffers 50 Orgasms A Day: 'Being Permanently Aroused Is Torture'

Gregory Wakeman

A 22-year-old Florida native has revealed that she suffers up to 10 orgasms an hour and that her life is being ruined by the disease known as persistent sexual arousal syndrome.

Amanda Gryce has stated that her orgasms can be triggered by loud music, car journeys, and even the sound of a mobile phone ringing and can occur in any location including her place of work.

Gryce, who is employed as a sales associate in a baby products shop, learned that she had the disease when she was just eight years old. She has also revealed that she sometimes has to masturbate up to 15 times a day in order to relieve herself of the burden.

Gryce stated, "It is not pleasurable, you could say it has become a torture. This condition controls your life completely and it is like living a nightmare. I can have 50 orgasms in one day and five or ten within an hour of each other. It happens when I'm with my friends or out in public, and it's very embarrassing."

She also added, "It kills me inside. I just have to put on a smile and pretend that nothing's wrong. Orgasms are supposed to be a good feeling but I've had them every day for so long now that I'm living with constant fear and shame."

Last year, Gretchen Malannen, a 39-year-old from Florida committed suicide after suffering from the same disease for close to 16 years.

Gryce also stated that at her lowest moments she has considered this option too, "At my lowest points, I have thought about suicide but I had to reassure myself that I would never resort to something like that and that it wasn't going to happen to me."