January 13, 2019
Zac Efron Shares Sexy Shirtless Shot Of Himself Golfing

In the High School Musical movies, Zac Efron starred as basketball stud Troy Bolton, who discovered he loved to sing and act – and was good at it.

In one of the movies, he worked at a golf course where Sharpay tried very hard to win him over and away from Gabriella. Those golfing lessons he took for the movie seem to be paying off in real life, which is apparent in a video he shared on Instagram.

For some of his fans and followers, they could care less how close he got to sinking his shot. They were much more impressed with his physical prowess and less with his athleticism. As he lined up to take his shot at an oceanside golf course, he wiggles back and forth a tiny bit, clutching his golf club.

He cranks his body around to hit the ball and swings the golf club quickly toward the ball, sending it flying. His swing is impressive, as are his muscles. His six-pack is astounding, a trait he apparently shares with his brother, Dylan.

The pair are on vacation in Los Cabos, Mexico, and have been staying at their private villa. Several Instagram followers had fun with the video, referencing the golf scene from High School Musical.

"Now sing 'Bet on it' hahahahaha," wrote one fan.

"I'd like to apply to be a caddy," added another.

One person commented on how beautiful the sunset was. An Instagram user had to poke a bit of fun at that.

"Absolutely stunning!! And I ain't talking about the sunset!!!" they wrote.

Zac Efron has been sharing photos of himself sailing and engaging in other activities while on vacation. The paparazzi captured the two Efrons goofing around with a video camera outside the villa wearing only shorts and no shirts.

Now that filming of his movie about serial killer Ted Bundy has wrapped up, Efron has been jetting around the globe enjoying some time off. When filming such a dark and sinister movie, it makes sense that he would need an uplifting break. He will be appearing at the Sundance Film Festival at the end of January to promote Extremely Wicked, Shockingly Evil and Vile.

The brothers look an awfully lot alike, from their flowing hair to their chiseled jawlines and impressive muscles. There is a shot of the two of them and a friend wearing wetsuits and carrying surfboards along the beach during their vacation, leaving footprints behind them in the wet sand.

"Winter waves," he captioned it.

Hopefully these brothers enjoy the rest of their vacation and continue to treat fans to a few more fantastic photos.