Happy Valentine’s Day: Megyn Kelly Pregnant With Third Child [Video]

Megyn Kelly pregnant

Megyn Kelly is pregnant.

Megyn Kelly, the high-profile Fox News anchor, announced today that she is having another baby.

During today’s broadcast, Megyn Kelly, 42, said the following during a back-and-forth with her good friend, FNC meteorologist Janice Dean:

“Every Valentine’s Day we always struggle to find just the right gift and yet, this year I believe that we found the perfect solution. Happily, Doug and I are expecting another baby…

“Yates and Yardley will be getting a new little brother or sister, coming this summer, we’ll be expanding our family.”

Crew members then presented her with flowers, balloons, and a boa. Kelly quipped that “there’s not going to be a lot of standup shots in the near future.”

The Los Angeles Times provides the details on Kelly’s growing family:

“Doug would be Douglas Brunt, her businessman husband. The babies have come in regular succession for the couple, with son Edward Yates Brunt born in September 2009 and daughter Yardley Evans Brunt arriving in April 2011.”

Megyn Kelly, who joined FNC in 2004, currently anchors “America Live” from 1 to 3 pm Eastern which launched in February 2010. She previously co-anchored “America’s Newsroom” with Bill Hemmer from 9 to 11 am. She also appears weekly on “The O’Reilly Factor” at 8 pm Eastern. Kelly earned a Juris Doctorate from the Albany School of Law.

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Watch Megyn Kelly announce on FNC that she is pregnant again: