January 12, 2019
Tiffany Trump Stuns With Risque Silk Top, Almost Has Wardrobe Malfunction On Date With Billionaire Boyfriend

Last night, Tiffany Trump stepped out with her billionaire boyfriend Michael Boulos and from the looks of it, the two had a relatively romantic night in Knightsbridge, London. As expected, Tiffany caught the attention of the media but her celebrity status wasn't the only reason why photos were being snapped. According to Hollywood Life, Tiffany Trump's silky top is what really turned heads because she barely escaped a wardrobe malfunction that would have quickly gone viral on social media.

Wearing a black blazer with a silk green blouse and black pants, Tiffany Trump was dressed for the romantic occasion. However, her green silk top reportedly hung so low that it almost exposed her chest area, according to the publication. Tiffany's top managed to stay in place as she and Michael continued walking, but photographers were reportedly waiting to see if anything happened. Luckily for Tiffany Trump, the potential malfunction was successfully avoided.

The latest reports about Tiffany Trump's silk top follow a string of reports about her last wardrobe malfunction. But despite Tiffany Trump's "wardrobe malfunction" reports, her focus has reportedly been on her budding romance with Michael Boulos. Last month, Tiffany and Michael - who is reportedly the heir of the multi-billion company Boulos Enterprises - turned heads after he was spotted with her at the White House Christmas party. The public appearance raised speculation about the possibility of the two being "official." Although Tiffany Trump reportedly met Michael last summer, it was never confirmed that they were dating - until last month.

An insider close to Tiffany Trump reportedly shared details about their relationship on January 4. It has been reported that Tiffany is, indeed, falling in love with Michael. "Tiffany is finding herself completely falling for Michael, but she's a very independent, rational woman, and is focused on not rushing into things too quickly," the insider said. "But Michael treats Tiffany like a princess and she's finding it hard not to feel completely smitten over him," the source added.

Although the two didn't make headlines until Christmas, the insider reportedly revealed Tiffany actually introduced Michael to the Trump family in November when he visited for Thanksgiving. That's when she "felt the time was right and it meant so much to her to get the approval from her family," according to the insider. "Tiffany felt nervous about introducing Michael to her family because she knows that's a huge step in their relationship."