January 12, 2019
'90 Day Fiance's' Colt Johnson Files For Divorce From Larissa Dos Santos Lima After Brutal Physical Fight

90 Day Fiance star Colt Johnson filed for divorce from wife Larissa Dos Santos Lima just hours after she was arrested on Friday for domestic battery. TMZ reports that the couple is calling it quits just seven months after their turbulent marriage began.

According to Clark County, Nevada court records, Colt filed for divorce from Larissa on Friday, with his mother, Debra Johnson, paying the $299 filing fee. Colt also filed an affidavit of resident witness and a request for a joint preliminary injunction.

The filing comes after the knock-down, drag-out fight that left the couple battered and bruised. Late Thursday night, reports surfaced that Colt and Larissa got into an intense physical altercation that left both parties covered in scratches and other bloody wounds.

Colt apparently called the police to intervene in the argument. When they arrived, he had left the home and Larissa was treated for her injuries, some of which police determined were self-inflicted, according to Las Vegas Metropolitan Police Department Officer Jay Rivera.

"After cleaning her off, officers determined that the cuts were not consistent with the kind of bleeding she was claiming," Rivera said.

"She also has scratches on her abdomen, but those injuries were also not consistent with the length of [Johnson's] fingernails."
Reality TV blogger John Yates posted an image of the pair after their secret wedding on June 24 in Las Vegas, with Colt's nails circled, suggesting that the 33-year-old's nails may be more dangerous than they look.
After being treated, Larissa was arrested and booked into Cook County Jail in Las Vegas. She was detained on a 12-hour hold and $3,000 in bail after it was determined that she was the primary aggressor in the fight.

"The truth will come out," she wrote in an Instagram story after being released. "I'm in peace," she added.

Larissa claims the fight started after she found an email about Colt's account for an adult entertainment site and she posted a series of videos on Instagram stories showing the progression and result of the battle. She claims that she didn't call the police because she was afraid she would be deported.

"I was nervous thinking that I would be arrested today because when I tried to call the cops, Colt took my phone and called the cops on me. Thank God, this life of abuse and manipulation is over. I received medical help and I'm safe at my friends house," she wrote.

Larissa was also arrested in November for domestic battery.