Busty Instagram Model Natalie Gauvreau Goes Completely Nude, Covers Her Curves With Just Her Hair

Natalie Gauvreau Instagram

Instagram model Natalie Gauvreau is a pro at sharing jaw-dropping snaps to her Instagram that show off her tempting body, and the photo posted to her Instagram on Saturday is no different. The glamour model wowed her 3.5 million followers with a shot of herself, showing off her vivacious curves, which were covered in dripping with water, having seemly just returned from taking a dip in the pool.

In the shot, Gauvreau went completely nude and covered her more delicate assets with just her long, drenched hair. She put her full body on display in front of a beachside paradise, which she let her fans know was in St. Lucia. Behind her, a gorgeous oceanside beach was spread out to add to the relaxed feel of the photo.

The social media starlet left little to the imagination by rocking her “hair bra.” Her fans were quick to react to the shot, which was liked over 83,000 times since being posted. Her rock-hard abs, ample cleavage, and enviable curves were front and center for the snap.

The casual photo showed off a relaxed, vacation-vibe model who wore her golden hair straight down her body. She kept the makeup look simple by just wearing some mascara and nude lipstick, which highlighted her plump pout. The image can be viewed directly on her Instagram account.

The Canadian native has spent the first few weeks of the new year by showing off her flawless features to her social media accounts. In a New Year’s day post, Gauvreau wowed her fans with a shot of herself rocking a metallic gold bikini. The bathing suit, which had just enough fabric to cover her more delicate parts, was accessorized with a pair of gilded stiletto pumps.

In another sultry snap, the glamour model posted a teasingly sexy shot of herself wearing a black lingerie set, which was covered in lace. She gave the camera an alluring smile while she shimmied out of the bottoms of her set. Her voluptuous chest was front and center, and the ensemble showed off her endless curves flawlessly.

In a more recent photo, Gauvreau showed off her rounded backside in a pair of skin-tight leggings. She turned herself at an angle so her rear was the focus of the sultry shot. She wore a crop-top t-shirt that clung to her skin, which highlighted her shapely chest. Her honey-colored hair was kept long and straight down her back, and the model kept her makeup fresh for the pic.