January 12, 2019
Kevin Spacey's Brother Reveals They Were Molested By Their Father, Compares His Brother To Bill Cosby

Kevin Spacey's brother, Randall "Randy" Fowler, has never had any reservations about sharing his opinion of his famous sibling. The estranged brothers have been at odds for quite some time and haven't even spoken in years. However, that doesn't mean Randy doesn't know what's going on in his brother's life. In the wake of Spacey's sexual assault case, Randy has spoken out multiple times sharing details about their childhood, his brother's life outside of the limelight, and how he feels about the pending charges Kevin is currently facing.

Now, he's speaking out again with even more details. According to the Source, the 62-year-old recently revealed he and his brother were molested as children. When Fowler appeared on the Drew and Mike podcast, he compared Spacey to their father, claiming he, too, was guilty of committing similar crimes when they were children. The statement reportedly caught the attention of the podcast hosts, as they asked him to clarify what he was insinuating.

"Yes, I am now suggesting that. The facts do line up. I have photos of him and my father suggesting that – they have that look on each other's faces," Fowler said.

The latest report about Kevin Spacey and Randy Fowler follows a string of reports about Kevin's sexual assault case and Randy's interviews. Over the past couple of years, Randy has spoken out a number of times. He's also admitted that he and Kevin haven't had the best relationship.

During an interview with Radar Online, Randy compared his brother to Bill Cosby, revealing why he believes his brother when it comes to certain alleged victims.

"It's not just about the sexual gratification, it's about the power," Randy said during the interview.

"He's actually worse than [Harvey] Weinstein; he's worse than Bill Cosby!"
Fowler went on to say how he believes Spacey uses his famous status to his advantage.

"He's a public figure who has taken advantage of people with his wealth, influence and the lure of being around a movie star," said Randy.

Just hours after Kevin Spacey's recent court arraignment on charges of indecent assault and battery, he was reportedly pulled over for speeding. A recorded video capturing Kevin's interaction with the police officer who pulled him over is now circulating on media outlets. According to TMZ, the paparazzi asked if the former House of Cards actor had received a ticket for the traffic stop, but the officer did not confirm.