January 12, 2019
'Playboy' Bunny Amanda Cerny Pulls Her Little Black Dress To The Side, Shows Off New Ink On Upper Thigh

The Playboy bunny for the month of October in 2011, Instagram queen Amanda Cerny has since built up a massive following on the social media platform. Famous both for her incredible and enviable figure as well as for her inimitable sense of humor and comic timing, Amanda is one of the biggest names on Instagram right now.

Now, the Instagram influencer is showing some recognition to her legions of fans in the form of a new tattoo. In an image shared hours ago as of the writing of this article, Amanda can be seen striking a somewhat dramatic pose in the middle of what appears to be a tattoo parlor. With her lacy black dress being pulled to the side to reveal her long, toned legs and upper thighs -- fans are able to see that the model has just gotten some fresh ink done. Closer scrutiny reveals that the simple design reads "24M," a likely reference to the fact that Amanda just crossed the threshold of having attained 24 million Instagram followers.

The former Playboy starlet's signature chestnut tresses are also featured prominently in the picture, tumbling down in loose waves about her neck and shoulders. Strappy sandals adorn her feet, and Amanda has clearly opted to keep her makeup quite simple, choosing a pretty nude lip from the palette.

Popping one foot off of the wooden planks that comprise the studio floor, it's clear that Amanda Cerny is going for a provocative pose at the same time. Her chic black gown hugs her trim, svelte physique -- leaving little to the imagination.

It appears that her fans and followers certainly appreciated the permanent shout-out, offering up over 1.2 million likes and over 14,000 comments in very short order. One user joked, "That awkward moment when Instagram shuts down in 10 years and you have 24M tatted on you," while another Instagram fan wrote, "Honestly I followed u because you make me laugh and inspire my art with ur amazing style. You make me feel strong and make me wanna get up and work out all the time and ur super duper inspiring!"

Amanda has been making headlines most recently for having allegedly been the spark that kicked off the world-wide phenomenon that is the "Baby Shark" song, per Forbes. Apparently taking to Indonesian television's Tonight Show in 2017 to strut her stuff alongside the popular children's song, the former Playboy model would -- perhaps unwittingly -- spin the catchy tune into a viral sensation.

With or without "Baby Shark," however, Amanda Cerny continues to capture the hearts and minds of her many fans.