Jana Duggar Is Not Courting, Jessa Seewald Sets Record Straight

Ever since Jana Duggar signed up for her own Instagram account on Thursday, there have been speculations on whether she is courting someone special. Fans are convinced that she would never sign up for on the social media platform if she was still single. However, it looks like the rumors have been put to rest, thanks to Jessa Seewald's input on the situation at hand.

Jana's younger sis, Jessa, came to her rescue with one of her own Instagram posts that she shared the same day. Specifically, it was a photo of Jana alongside Jinger Vuolo's daughter, Felicity, which was taken when Jinger was visiting her family in Arkansas this past week. Someone made the comment that since Jana was now active on social media, that must mean she is courting someone, as it seems that seems to coincide with romance in the Duggar world.

Jessa saw that comment come through her timeline and squashed any hopes that fans may have on a new romance for her sister, at least for now. The mother-of-two quickly told everyone that there is no courting just yet for Jana.

"Haha! That's merely a coincidence for some. Definitely not a prerequisite. She's not in a relationship. But if anyone is interested, please send all applications to me. I will check them out thoroughly."
It sounds like there is still hope, but Jana Duggar did not sign up for Instagram only because she is courting. Maybe she just felt free enough to have one at this time in her life. Duggar fans are not only hoping for a new man in her life, but they are also pleading with her to send some photos of her garden and any projects that she has going on. Some even told her that she needs to set up a blog to share her tips on gardening and DIY projects.

Just as her younger siblings do, Jana's Instagram will likely be full of family photos -- there are plenty of nieces and nephews to take pictures of, with another little one is on its way. Jessa Seewald announced that she and husband Ben are expecting their third child in the spring. Her family is very excited about this new addition to their growing family.

As for a relationship for Jana Duggar, there are a few fans who are still not totally convinced that Jana is still single and not courting anyone. She could just be in the beginnings of a budding relationship and not "officially" in a courtship just yet. Only time will tell. If there is something to be announced, you will hear it directly from the Duggars or TLC.