Piers Morgan Talks Hospitalization: ‘Bad News — It Appears I’m Not Going To Die’

Jeff SpicerGetty Images

Piers Morgan has been ill and was recently admitted to the hospital for a battery of tests for a “mystery illness.” The co-host of Good Morning Britain was feeling under the weather and shot a selfie to share with fans.

Page Six says that though he hasn’t felt well, he was still able to joke about the people who don’t care for the controversial talk show host.

“Bad news … after some extensive hospital tests this morning it appears I’m not going to die. I can only apologize for all the upset & offense I know this development will cause.”

Morgan didn’t share the reason for his hospitalization, but he stated that he will spill the tea on Monday morning’s Good Morning Britain.

Morgan looks tired in the Instagram photo wearing a hospital gown as he weakly smiled for the photo, but many of his fans teased him, a critic of veganism, about some vegan sausage on his morning show, asking him if it upset her stomach.

“What wrong Piers.. did you eat a dodgy vegan sausage roll? Or is it karma playing its part for all your controversial comments you seem to be making about everyone lately.”

Piers Morgan has received a lot of backlash for the way he has treated Meghan Markle, the Duchess of Sussex, in light of her family drama with her father, her half-sister, Samantha, and her half brother, Thomas, Jr. On his show, Morgan portrayed Meghan’s father as a loving father and the Duchess of Sussex as cold-hearted and uncaring.

Morgan then wrote an article which mocked Meghan Markle, saying that if she is truly the humanitarian she says she is, she would be kinder to her ailing father, who spent the day of her wedding in a hospital after suffering a cardiac episode. The morning show host then added that Meghan was doing to her father what she had done to her first husband, which was to get rid of him when he no longer served a purpose.

“Meghan is showing every sign of now doing to her own father what she has done to her ex-husband, and countless friends and family members – sending them to the ice cold relationship equivalent of Siberia.”

Morgan closed his article by saying that Thomas Markle has been left to “swing in the wind” while the newly minted duchess doesn’t care about her own father’s suffering. As a result, Piers Morgan’s relationship with the palace is now seriously strained, and it’s unlikely if he will ever get an interview again.