Stella Maxwell Jealous & Angry Over Ex Kristen Stewart’s New Romance With Sara Dinkin, Per ‘Radar Online’

Dimitrios KambourisGetty Images

Since her breakup with Stella Maxwell, Kristen Stewart has been going out with her new rumored girlfriend, Sara Dinkin. And according to an article by Radar Online, Stewart’s new romance is not settling well with Stella and she is reportedly jealous and angry.

Per the article, at the time of the breakup, Stella and Kristen mutually decided to keep their dating lives private. However, Kristen has apparently violated the agreement by making frequent public appearances with the Los Angeles-based stylist. According to the Daily Mail, Kristen was recently spotted sharing a steamy kiss with Dinkin while on a drive in L.A. The two ladies were reportedly going to a gym class together when the paparazzi caught the two lovers packing on the PDA in the car.

Due to Kristen’s behavior, Stella is reportedly “fuming” with anger and as an insider told Radar Online, the Victoria’s Secret angel has “been knocked sideways at how brutal Kristen’s been.” And it’s not only about Stella and Kristen, but their mutual friends have also been dragged into the drama, as they now have to pick sides because the two ex-lovers “won’t speak to each other at all now,” the report said.

When the two ladies called it quits, social media reports revealed that Kristen decided to part ways with her ex-ladylove because she was too much into her career and was “using her.” The report quoted the insider source as stating the following.

“Kristen was burned by Stella very badly. She really wants nothing to do with her at this point because she knows now that Stella was using her to make a name for herself.”

Although it wasn’t clear as to when Stella and Kristen exactly started dating, news reports suspected that the two started seeing each other in 2016. In January, 2017, the ladies were spotted locking lips on a trip to Milan. According to an earlier report by the Inquisitr, the couple broke up in October, 2018. Per the report, an insider told the Daily Mail that Stella and Kristen “stopped seeing eye to eye and were living very different lives.”

At the time, the report quoted a celebrity insider as saying that Stewart is not seriously dating Dinkin, but the fling is just to make Stella jealous.

However, with the recent, more frequent appearances of Kristen and Sara, it looks like the affair is deepening. Per Radar Online, Kristen is “really having a lot of fun with Sara. They definitely are picking things up and spending every day and night together.”