Donald Trump Is ‘The Voice Of The American People,’ According To James Woods

Jason MerrittGetty Images

Veteran actor James Woods is no stranger to Twitter — and a few controversies surrounding the social media platform — and earlier today, he took to his account to reaffirm his support for President Donald Trump.

The tweet in question — which is embedded below — contains a link to an opinion piece from Fox News, one titled “The Democratic Party is running on fumes (and Trump knows it).” The article, penned by one-time contributor Patrick J. Walsh, argues that Donald Trump is a man of the people and that left-leaning news outlets attempt to criticize the president by referring to him as a populist.

In his tweet, Woods also quoted part of the article.

“President Trump is the voice of the American PEOPLE. The press represents an elite who loathe the very word. They denigrate President Trump as a ‘populist,’ a word derived from the Latin word for “the people.'”

In the last few years, James Woods has accrued a sizable amount of followers on Twitter, especially since he has shifted to posting politically-themed content. At the time of writing, Woods has just over 1.9 million followers, putting him in the top 3500 of Twitter users — based on his number of followers — per figures provided by SocialBlade.

Those who have been following James Woods’ Twitter profile will no doubt be familiar with his history pertaining to the popular social media platform. In 2015, Woods sued an anonymous Twitter user over a tweet, one which he claimed was libelous. The tweet in question accused Woods of being a “Cocaine Addict.”

In 2016, Judge Mel Recana of the Superior Court of Los Angeles County California Office 32 weighed in on the matter, allowing Woods to pursue his case further. While some believed that Woods would attempt to track down the anonymous user, the lawsuit came to a screeching halt later that year — when attorney Lisa Bloom revealed that her client, the anonymous Twitter user, had passed away. As reported by the Huffington Post, Woods tweeted that he hoped the Twitter user had died “in agony.” These tweets have since been deleted.

James Woods’ controversial relationship with Twitter continued well into last year. As previously reported by the Inquisitr, Woods was dropped by his talent agency, and he claimed that this was due to his conservative political views. Later in 2018, James had his Twitter account suspended, per the Inquisitr. His temporary ban was related to a meme that he had posted, one which implied that the Democratic Party was urging men to stay home — and to refrain from voting in the 2018 midterm elections.

On the big screen, James Woods is best known for his roles in Videodrome, Once Upon a Time in America, and Casino.