‘General Hospital’ Spoilers For Week Of January 14: Ryan Kills Again & Many Wonder If Lulu Will Be His Target

Craig SjodinABC

General Hospital spoilers hint that there’s a lot to look forward to in the week of January 14. Ryan knows that the PCPD has picked up on his habit of keeping licenses as trophies, and Lulu is digging into the murder investigation. Ava continues to struggle, and Franco may be putting himself in danger by being in “Kevin’s” office. Where are things headed next?

According to Soap Central, Ryan will be killing someone else during the week of January 14. Will viewers be left hanging all week on this front? She Knows Soaps teases that something big, perhaps the killing itself, happens during Monday’s show. If that is the case, it does help narrow down the list of potential victims. However, it may be that viewers learn key information on Monday and don’t see it happen until later in the week.

Who is the next to die at Ryan’s hand? Unlike each of the previous murders, fans were left hanging and guessing with Friday’s show. As the episode ended, he was with Ava and trying to convince her to go away with him, leaving Port Charles entirely. She was resistant to that idea, but he’ll definitely work hard to convince her if that’s what he has decided he wants to do.

As Ava and Ryan were talking, Franco was in Kevin’s office at General Hospital. He was quite upset when “Kevin” dumped him as a client and he wanted his medical records back immediately. When he showed up at GH, he discovered that the assistant he knew had been fired by “Kevin” and someone new, and uncooperative, was in her place.

Franco snuck into the office and was rummaging around looking for his file when Friday’s show ended. Fans know that he is coming very close to the drawer where Ryan has been keeping all of his trophies and if Franco finds that, all bets are off in terms of his safety.

Given those circumstances, it would not be a stretch to wonder if Ryan might be on the verge of killing Franco or Ava. He could kill Franco if he learns that Franco discovered his stash. As for Ava, it could be that he thinks having her supposedly move out of town would give him cover to kill her and then take off on his own.

However, it doesn’t seem likely that either Franco or Ava will be Ryan’s next victims. As the Inquisitr has previously detailed, Laura, Lulu, and Lucy are potential and logical victims too. It seems fairly safe to say that the writers won’t kill off Laura because the fans went crazy when they previously wrote out actress Genie Francis.

Lucy is rarely seen, but beloved. She doesn’t get much in terms of storyline any longer, but fans would probably be quite upset if she were written out, too.

Lulu could be a real possibility because Ryan knows she’s been snooping around a lot and he’s irritated by that. Recent mentions again of Dante, plus Sonny talking about having bodyguards on her, have definitely made some fans speculate that she could be a target.

In looking at the General Hospital spoilers for the next couple of weeks, some might say there are numerous signs that hint at Lulu being the next victim. Teasers for the week of January 21 note that Kevin will be gloating, seemingly having killed again, but there are references to things going on with Carly, Lucy, Ava, Maxie, Margaux, Laura, and many other key characters.

Lulu is mentioned in the General Hospital spoilers for the episode airing on Friday, January 18, as she will be disappointed in a decision of Peter’s. However, she isn’t mentioned again at this point for the following week.

Unfortunately, there are some teasers for that following week that could be construed as hinting at trouble for Lulu. Laura will be comforting Charlotte, and Jordan will call Peter into the PCPD. Carly is going to be heartbroken over something, and viewers will see Sonny paying his respects to someone. None of those General Hospital spoilers guarantee that Lulu is about to be killed off, but it wouldn’t be a stretch to read them that way.

It may well be that someone virtually unknown or random will be Ryan’s next victim. Perhaps his new assistant will end up dead because she crossed him at the wrong moment, or another semi-known staff member at General Hospital like Amy or Francesca will uncover something damaging that makes them a target. Some fans have speculated that Olivia could end up targeted for some reason, especially after she popped up this week and talked about her nervousness with a killer on the loose.

Would General Hospital kill off Lulu? Some fans suspect that’ll be the case, and if she is going to be murdered by Ryan, it seems like it would fit for her to be the next victim. Stay tuned for additional spoilers heading into the week of January 14 to see if new hints regarding Ryan’s next victim are revealed.