‘General Hospital’ Friday Spoilers: Griffin Explodes, Franco’s Frazzled, And Valentin Is Feeling Anxious

Craig SjodinABC

There are intense moments on the way with Friday’s episode of General Hospital. Spoilers suggest that Griffin will be involved in some of the action, and Ava’s grief over Kiki’s death will lead her to do something rash. In addition, Liesl is going to pop up and leave Valentin feeling quite nervous.

Griffin has been fairly lost since Kiki died and while he has been reinstated at General Hospital, he is struggling to find purpose in his life. Spoilers from She Knows Soaps indicate that he will run into Sonny in the chapel, and it sounds as if Sonny will be the one trying to help Griffin this time around.

In addition, Griffin and Finn will cross paths, and this conversation will get heated. While Griffin and Finn might be at odds during Friday’s show, General Hospital spoilers hint that they may need to come together and join forces soon. As the Inquisitr has previously shared, Anna is about to face a significant medical crisis and this will likely require Griffin and Finn to set aside any differences and work together to help her.

Griffin isn’t the only one in Port Charles who is struggling. Ava has been lost after losing Kiki and General Hospital spoilers indicate that she is about to do something problematic. The sneak peek shared via Twitter reveals that whatever she does will end up shocking Franco, and it looks like he’ll happen to cross her path right as she’s pursuing whatever ill-conceived plan she has concocted.

Luckily, it sounds as if Franco will be able to talk some sense into Ava and get her to back away from whatever she was about to do. This won’t solve all of her problems or eliminate all of her grief, but it may help her slowly move back to a better place.

Valentin is basking in the glow of reuniting with Nina, but viewers know this is only going to go his way for so long. He faked Sasha being Nina’s biological daughter, and Obrecht knows what he did. Obrecht forced him to help her stay out of jail in exchange for keeping his secret, but General Hospital spoilers signal that Liesl won’t be able to resist at least having some fun with this situation.

Liesl will mention in front of Nina that she shares a secret with Valentin. Obviously, this will intrigue Nina and worry Valentin, but General Hospital spoilers tease that she won’t be revealing the truth quite yet. This will blow up on Valentin at some point, but it looks like Obrecht will just torture him for now.

The sneak peek for Friday has also shown that “Kevin” will talk with someone and say that it’s time they stopped working together. While this sounds potentially suspicious and ominous, it seems rather likely that he’s talking to Franco and telling Franco that he doesn’t think they should continue with any therapy sessions. Ryan is probably anxious to put some distance between him and Franco, who knows Kevin fairly well, and this may rattle Franco a bit.

General Hospital spoilers hint that things are really heating up across multiple storylines right now, and fans have a lot to look forward to in the shows ahead. Stay tuned for additional spoilers, and don’t miss Friday’s show to see what comes next.