Nina Dobev Channels Jennifer Aniston’s ‘Friends’ Character For Her New Role On ‘Fam’

Joe ScarniciGetty Images

Nina Dobrev has a brand new role on the CBS comedy series Fam, and she’s looking to Jennifer Aniston’s former character, Rachel Green, from Friends for inspiration.

According to a January 10 report by TVLine, Nina Dobrev is opening up about drawing inspiration from Jennifer Aniston for her latest role, where she plays a character named Clem on the comedy series Fam.

Nina claims that when she met with the wardrobe designer, she revealed that she wanted her looks to be “effortless” like Aniston’s character, Rachel, on Friends, with the same type of vibe.

However, the wardrobe choices may have been one of the easiest parts of filming the sitcom. Dobrev reveals that she was terrified to do the show and that she even visited the set of shows such as The Big Bang Theory and Mom to watch some sitcom vets go to work in hopes of preparing herself a bit better for the role.

“The reason I took the show when the opportunity presented itself was that it was so different from anything I’d ever done before. It was also scary, which only made me want to do it more. Anything that’s challenging and scares the s–t out of me is exciting. The laugh lines on my face are getting deeper and deeper, and I couldn’t be happier about it,” Nina stated.

As many fans will remember, Nina Dobrev is no stranger to acting or being a part of an ensemble cast. She got her start on the wildly popular Canadian teen drama Degrassi and later moved on to a darker teen drama to play the role of Elena Gilbert on the CW’s Vampire Diaries alongside Paul Wesley and Ian Somerhalder.

She also starred in films such as Lets Be Cops and Flatliners. Now, the actress is ready for something new and exciting. On the show Fam, Clem is a young woman who is embarking on a marriage with her boyfriend but is surprised when her younger sister shows up at her door and wants to move in with her following issues with their father.

Recently, Dobrev took to her Instagram account to reveal that she was celebrating her 30th birthday in style. The actress posted photos of herself with her friend group having fun. “This is thirty,” she captioned the snapshots, as she donned a knee-length green dress, tan boots, sunglasses, and a tiara and sash to commemorate her milestone birthday.

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