Meghan Markle Uses Special Trick To Stay Calm During Stressful Times

Ian VoglerGetty Images

Meghan Markle has a secret princess trick that she uses whenever she feels that things are getting stressful or overwhelming.

According to a January 11 report by the Daily Mail, Meghan Markle allegedly using a breathing technique in order to keep herself calm in tense situations. The Duchess of Sussex is said to have shared her tip with a coach at the Smart Works charity, Marina Novis, last year.

Meghan, who is a patron for Smart Works, reportedly told Marina that she uses a combination of breathing and focus to get her through tough situations, as she tries to find her “inner confidence” in those stressful situations.

“She said, ‘I’m about to take my big role, happening now. The most important thing is to breathe and to just have that inner confidence. That’s the most important thing.’ We all had a bit of a giggle about it,” Novis reveals the duchess told her.

Marina also reveals that Meghan is the perfect person to partner with the Smart Works charity.

“That’s what I’m so impressed by. It’s not some honorary thing, she really cares. She’s amazing at talking with the candidates because she really listens and asks very pertinent questions,” she says of Markle.

It seems that Meghan Markle could have used her breathing and focus tip for many situations in her own life. The duchess may have used it while auditioning for roles in the past or during her wedding to Prince Harry, which was watched by millions around the world. She may also use it if she’s in a disagreement with the royal family, which is rumored to be a lot these days.

Us Weekly reports that Meghan is finding it hard to deal with the pressure of being in the royal family, and that she is currently unhappy about being held back by the confines of the British royals.

Sources tell the magazine that her husband, Prince Harry, is very frustrated with the entire situation and that he feels like he is to blame for his pregnant wife’s current state of unease.

“Keeping [Meghan] away from the negativity and harm has been hard for him. It’s been his purpose in their relationship to keep her away from the negativity,” a source revealed.

The insider goes on to add that being a member of the royal family is not nearly as “glamorous” as it appears to be.

Meghan Markle and Prince Harry are due to welcome their first child later this year.