'Teen Mom 2' Season 9 Sneak Peek For Leah Messer Revealed

With only a few more days until the Season 9 premiere of Teen Mom 2, fans are wondering what to expect on the new season. Several short sneak peeks, as well as one extended trailer have been released, and on Thursday, the official Teen Mom Twitter account posted a preview clip of Leah Messer.

Leah is the mother of three young girls and, in the clip, Leah is shown talking to her youngest daughter, Addie, in the car. The two are driving home from school and Leah asks Addie if she saw her sisters at school that day. Once they arrive at home, Leah calls Corey Simms. Corey is the father of Leah's two 9-year-old twins, Ali and Aleeah. While on the phone, Leah asks Corey if Ali liked her new aide.

Ali has muscular dystrophy. Fans have watched over the past nine seasons as Leah and Corey struggled to get a diagnosis for their daughter. They have worked hard to ensure she gets the proper care that she needs including an aide while at school.

InTouch Weekly reported that Leah opened up about her daughter's diagnosis on a Teen Mom 2 reunion special back in 2018.

"The hardest part is her physically deteriorating and knowing these things are happening to her. You don't know what to expect or when to expect what's going to happen, but you know something is going to happen," she said.

Fans were introduced to Leah in 2010 when she appeared on MTV's 16 and Pregnant. It was revealed that the young teen from West Virginia was pregnant with twins. The cameras continued to follow Leah on Teen Mom 2 where her marriage and subsequent divorce to the twins' father was documented. Leah later married Jeremy Calvert and the two had daughter Addie together. Her marriage to Jeremy also ended in divorce, but recently Leah has revealed that she is seeing someone new.

The new season of the show will introduce fans to the new man in Leah's life. Her boyfriend's name is Jason and was featured in a preview for Season 9. Aside from showing her new relationship, it appears that the new season will also focus on Leah parenting her three young girls. Leah's story has been particularly interesting to fans because she has had to deal with a lot raising twins and ensuring that daughter Ali gets all the care that she needs.

Fans can see Leah and her girls back on their screens starting on January 14 on MTV.