Amanda Cerny Dons Red Bikini & Jogs At The Beach With A Rainbow In The Sky

Amanda Cerny shared a fairly idyllic Instagram photo with her fans today, which showed her jogging at the beach with the ocean in the backdrop. She wore a simple red bikini with her hair down, as she smiled while looking to her left. Right behind her was a rainbow, though it was a bit hard to see in the photo. The captions, however, told a different story.

Amanda detailed how she suffered from an "adductor sprain doing sprints on the beach today." An adductor strain is when you injure your groin muscles in your inner thighs, according to WOSM. Nevertheless, Cerny went ahead and took the rainbow photo anyway, and it sounds like she's getting some rest now. The photo was geo-tagged Palm Beach, Florida, and fans raved, "Wow you look amazing," "Cute," and "You are very beautiful."

The Instagram star's other recent posts show her working out in a black outfit, while she also posted a video of she and her boyfriend, Johannes Bartl, fighting over whether she is allowed to borrow his deodorant or not. Her boyfriend is adamant that she not use it, while Amanda can't understand the big deal. At the end of the clip, she catches him wearing her "favorite" thong.

Cerny has become known for her comedy sketches like the one she recently posted, which has been one of the backbones of her ever-growing social media empire. She opened up to Forbes about what she planned on doing while studying business at Florida State.
"I wanted to be in the CIA. (Laughs.) My mom has done Taekwondo her whole life, and has had some special jobs, so I was like, 'That's the coolest thing ever! I want to be like my mom.' That was my goal, but then I got some opportunities out in LA so I decided to stay in the entertainment space."
Amanda also described what it was like to shoot for Playboy, which was one of her breakout moments.
"I've never been to California before. I was nervous at first (to be naked on set) but then I realized that everyone there had been doing it for like 50 years. They were the most professional ever."
Since then, Amanda's carved out a massive following, with over 24 million fans on Instagram alone. Her feed is a mixture of comedy, modeling, and fitness. With photos routinely receiving over a million likes, and multiple millions of likes being the norm for her video posts, Cerny's certainly enjoying the fruits of her hard work.