Ivanka Trump Wishes Jared Kushner Happy Birthday On Instagram, But Gets Unexpected Reactions & Prison Jokes

Ivanka Trump is wishing her husband, Jared Kushner, a happy 38th birthday on social media, and while many are joining her with good wishes, others are taking the opportunity to turn the occasion into a roast of sorts, making jokes about the couple's potential legal peril around the Mueller investigation.

AOL says that along with the photo, Trump calls Kushner her "best friend and the love of her life." The image is of the couple posed in formal dress, smiling for the camera.

Several supporters wished the couple well and gushed about the photo.

"Happy Birthday Jared! What a beautiful couple and a beautiful picture! Thank you for everything you do for America!" one person wrote.

"Ivanka you are the classiest, prettiest, and smartest lady out there! Jared's Birthday Present is that he gets to see you every day!" said another.

But many others took a more sinister path and suggested that the two should party it up, because it might be his last birthday "outside of prison."

"Pretty soon he'll be celebrating his birthday with his cellmate!"

A more cryptic message suggests that for his 38th birthday, they hope that Kushner gets everything he deserves.

Other people took the opportunity to tell Trump to do something to get the president to open up the government and pay the Coast Guard. There were plenty of jokes about how the couple will look in orange, hinting at prison uniforms, and memes involving Bugs Bunny and others in prison stripes.

But jokes about prison jumpsuits hit closer to home for Jared Kushner than most when it's taken into account that his father is a convict who spent time behind bars. When Charles Kushner went to prison, son Jared took over Kushner Companies.

It was Trump ally Chris Christie who successfully prosecuted Charles Kushner for criminal tax evasion and witness tampering, and for his crimes, Kushner served one year.

Jared Kushner, who once said he had wanted to be a prosecutor and had plans to attend law school, changed his mind after his father's arrest. The president's son-in-law says he has put the matter behind him, but it's unlikely that he will ever mend fences with Chris Christie for being the driving force behind the prosecution.

"My father made a mistake and he paid a big price for it, but he's my father. He's given me everything I have in terms of the skills and the training and taught me about being a man. I feel extremely lucky to have him in my life."