Fox News Quickly Cuts Away From Donald Trump As He Graphically Describes Human Trafficking In Rambling Speech

Donald Trump's graphic scenarios of Mexicans driving straight through the desert with women tied up in the car was apparently too much, even for Fox News.

During a trip to the U.S.-Mexico border on Thursday to support his call for a border wall, Trump held a roundtable discussion during which he made some incredibly specific scenarios of human trafficking that allegedly take place. As video of the talk showed, Trump rambled into some graphic details of women being bound with tape over their mouths (blue tape, to be even more specific) and human traffickers who simply "make a left" when they find a weakness in the border wall and drive directly through the desert to reach America.

Those watching Trump's remarks on Fox News didn't see much more than that. The network cut away from the remarks as Trump was mid-sentence, leading viewers to wonder what more details of human trafficking the president may have shared.

As Vox noted, it appeared to be a break for Fox News, which has often defended Trump in the past amid his unfounded and some outright false claims about illegal immigrants.

"The staunchly pro-Trump cable network abruptly cut away from the proceedings early on, after Trump described human trafficking in grisly detail," the report noted. "Other cable networks declined to carry his remarks live."

Fox News's abandonment of Donald Trump made some waves across the internet, with many sharing video of the cut-short remarks and noting that things are looking bad for Trump when even his favorite network has to cut away.

Though Fox News has been one of Donald Trump's biggest defenders, the network has been increasingly critical of the president in recent weeks. Last weekend, anchor Chris Wallace called out White House Press Secretary Sarah Huckabee Sanders for the administration pushing the false claim that thousands of terrorists have been captured crossing the U.S.-Mexico border. As Sanders tried to reiterate the claim, Wallace pointed out the Trump's own State Department has already debunked the claim.

After Sanders shifted to say that more than 3,000 terrorists or suspected terrorists have been caught trying to enter the United States, Wallace cut her off and pointed out that they were stopped at airports and none were stopped at the U.S.-Mexico border.

Donald Trump continues to demand more than $5 billion to fund the border wall as the government shutdown he started as a result nears its third week.