CNN's Jim Acosta Trolls Idea Of Border 'Humanitarian Crisis' In McAllen, Texas, Ahead Of Trump's Visit

Jim Acosta is the chief White House correspondent for CNN, and he has gotten into numerous battles with President Donald Trump and his staff during this administration's tenure. On Thursday, the president flew to McAllen, Texas, on the border of Mexico to talk about what he says is a "humanitarian crisis" and a desperate need for a secure border wall. Acosta has been sharing updates from McAllen ahead of the president's visit and he's clearly aiming to prove a point that life along the Mexican border isn't necessarily what the White House would like many to believe.

Acosta started out his updates from McAllen by tweeting out a short video showing the state of things at the border in McAllen. The reporter's clip was taken right at the fencing that currently is up along the border, and Acosta noted that it's all quiet along that stretch ahead of Trump's Texas visit.

Next, the CNN reporter shared a clip showing him talking about the border and the steel slats that are up throughout a portion of that area. Acosta said there was absolutely no sign of the emergency Trump has been touting at the border. In fact, the reporter said, it's pretty tranquil down there.

There are no migrants rushing the border, Acosta pointed out. From where he is in Texas, he notes that there's no imminent danger or national emergency there as Trump has been talking about in recent days.

Acosta also tweeted out a couple of videos from McAllen residents. He asked them about how safe McAllen is and how much chaos they see from people crossing the border. Both longtime residents of the area made it clear that they do not see an immigration crisis impacting their town.

The CNN reporter also shared a photo of a sign put up to welcome Trump for his visit. The sign notes that McAllen is the "7th Safest City in America." According to Valley Central, that ranking came from a survey done in 2015. The outlet says that the city is currently ranked 11th in the country, which is still an impressive ranking.

Additional updates from Acosta showed the variety of fencing used in the area, including a traditional, low, chain-link fence. The CNN reporter added that those in the area note that they do see some migrants come through the town, but it's been a very safe city and nothing about that has changed recently.

It's been speculated that this trip by the president to McAllen may be coming ahead of a declaration of a national emergency at the border. Such a declaration would allow Trump to redirect money allocated to the military to put toward his wall, but experts signal that this approach would almost certainly lead to immediate problems. It might be one way to end the shutdown, but it would likely generate an all-new set of challenges.

People will be curious to see what President Donald Trump says during his time in McAllen, Texas. CNN's Jim Acosta will likely continue to provide updates from the area and so far, his Twitter posts have been generating a lot of likes from those following along.