Meghan Markle Reportedly Asked, 'Why Does Everyone Hate Me?' Per 'Radar Online'

New rumors are emerging, rumors which suggest that Meghan is starting feel the stress of the media backlash. An insider offered more information, per Radar Online.

"In fact, Prince Harry's pregnant bride, 37, collapsed after a recent tension-filled family get-together. 'Meghan was inconsolable,' a high-level palace source told Radar, detailing that the mom-to-be slumped on a sofa, clutched at Harry, 34, and moaned, 'Why does everyone hate me?'"
The insider in question didn't appear to have much sympathy for the Duchess of Sussex, however, as they added that "She's thumbed her nose at royal protocols and traditions, made outrageous demands on staffers — two have already quit — and clashed with Duchess Kate and Queen Elizabeth herself!"

For royal fans, it might be confusing to try to figure out what's really going on. While there have been reports of these "clashes," there have also been reports to the contrary.

When it comes to "thumbing" her nose at royal protocols, the insider is likely pointing to Meghan's wardrobe choices, which have been highly scrutinized at times. But Meghan's supporters have pointed to the media reactions as a problem, one example being when Markle dared to sport dark nail polish. She wore black polish at the British Fashion Awards, an action which promptly sparked high levels of outrage and of praise, as detailed by Elle.

Soon after the controversy, Harper's Bazaar, among other publications, pointed out that Kate Middleton also wore dark nail polish previously -- "and we barely noticed."

This sort of lopsided scrutiny focused on Meghan Markle might be due to any number of reasons. During her first international tour with Prince Harry, Markle sported many outfits while forgoing traditional hats and pantyhose -- something which prompted many to claim that she was pushing royal protocol. This may have contributed to the high level of scrutiny that the Duchess of Sussex faces with regard to her fashion choices.

Whatever the case, if rumors are to be believed, then a pregnant Meghan Markle is feeling the toll of the media backlash. At the same time, there are other reports claiming that Harry feels responsible for her misery -- reports which were preceded by claims that he felt powerless to protect her, per the Inquisitr.

It's also possible that her American family drama is adding to her stress levels, with father Thomas speaking out more often as of late, and half-sister Samantha preparing to release her tell-all book. WebMD points out that stress during pregnancy sends out "a burst of cortisol and other stress hormones," and "if stress becomes constant, the effects on you and your baby could be lasting."

So, for the sake of the baby, we can only hope that Meghan finds a way to take a step back from the media -- and her family drama -- so that she can focus on herself and the baby she is carrying.