Louisiana Police Officer Chateri Payne Shot And Killed As She Was Preparing For Night Shift

Sadly, another brave police officer has fallen.

On Wednesday evening, Shreveport, Louisiana, police officer Chateri Payne was getting prepared to work the night shift of her job when the unthinkable happened. According to CBS News, the rookie officer was shot outside of a home just before 8:30 p.m. Shortly after, a 911 call came into police saying that a woman had been shot.

When her fellow police officers arrived on the scene, they found Payne "fighting for her life" after she had been shot multiple times. The wounded officer was rushed to the hospital immediately but sadly, she died just a few hours later from her injuries. So far, nobody is in custody and the police still have yet to determine a motive or identify a suspect.

According to reports, a witness who was inside the home was questioned about the shooting. It has also been reported that there was a child who was also inside the home when the shooting occurred but it is unclear if the child witnessed the fatal shooting or not. Since the investigation is still ongoing, authorities have released little details about anything. They have yet to reveal whether or not the home that she was shot outside of was owned by Payne or if it was one she was just visiting.

Shreveport substitute police chief Ben Raymond spoke to the press about the tragic loss of one of their own.

"Every life is precious, and the taking of any human life is unacceptable. But when a servant who has taken an oath and committed their life to protecting others is violently taken from us, we all collectively feel the pain of that loss."
Raymond vowed to follow every single lead that comes into their office and promised to find the person or persons responsible for the heinous crime and bring them to justice. The chief also told press that he was unable to determine if this was a random attack or some sort of domestic dispute.
Payne had just graduated from the police academy this past November and was described as being "professional, fit, and intelligent." According to reports, Payne was well liked by her classmates and her tragic loss has deeply affected many co-workers, many of which gathered together at the hospital after the loss. Additionally, the Shreveport Police Officer's Association released a statement on Payne's loss.

"We have lost one of our own," the statement read. "She was young, and she was beautiful. She was proving herself to be a capable professional, dedicated to serving the citizens of Shreveport."

Thoughts go out to Chateri's family during this difficult time.