'General Hospital' Spoilers: The Election Results Are In, And Shiloh Raises More Suspicions With Sam And Jason

Crazy stuff is on the way with Thursday's episode of General Hospital. Spoilers suggest that the election results will be revealed, and it's said that it'll be a close call between Laura and Ned. Lulu is anxious to figure out the tidbit about the investigation that Margaux referred to during their chat, and she'll talk with Peter about where things stand. In addition, Jason and Sam will run into Shiloh again -- and fans can't help but think that there's something ominous at play here.

The sneak peek shared via Twitter teases that people throughout Port Charles will be gathered to learn the election results. Both Ned and Laura have been relatively supportive of one another, but they are both still anxious to win. General Hospital spoilers hint that Laura may walk away with the win this time, but viewers will have to tune in to find out for certain.

Sam and Jason are already suspicious of Shiloh on multiple fronts, and General Hospital spoilers tease that their concerns will only escalate in the days ahead. Shiloh, Jason, and Sam will cross paths during Thursday's episode -- and Shiloh will note that it's fortunate he ran into them.

Shiloh will add that there might be something that Sam and Jason can help him with, and both of them look uncertain as they try to decide what to make of this potentially shady character. It's not known yet what Shiloh will think they can help with, but viewers can see trouble coming a mile away with him, and all signs point to danger ahead.

As the Inquisitr previously detailed, Mac will reach out to the man he thinks is Kevin -- and General Hospital spoilers note that this could get intense. Mac will seemingly fill "Kevin" in on what he's learned about the investigation, and Ryan will surely be thrilled to get some insider information. Will Ryan make any slips during this discussion that will raise alarms for Mac?

Alexis and Finn will have a pleasant exchange during Thursday's show, and SheKnows Soaps reveals that Elizabeth will get good news of some sort. There's also something with Anna on the horizon, but General Hospital spoilers hint that something good will turn into something potentially tragic for Anna as the week progresses, per the Inquisitr.

Just how leery should Jason and Sam be of Shiloh -- and what will cause Ryan's charade to unravel? General Hospital spoilers indicate that things will be wild as this January 10 show plays out, and there's a lot more good stuff on the way in the days ahead.