Bethenny Frankel Says That She Is Having Memory And Vision Problems Following Severe Allergic Reaction To Fish

Bethenny Frankel is still having problems following the allergic reaction that nearly killed her.

Last night, the mother of one took to her Twitter account to share with fans that she is still dealing with the aftermath of eating soup with fish in it. In the post, Bethenny asks her Twitter followers for their advice on how to deal with her issues.

"Well tweeps, you're usually smarter than anyone & I keep researching & cannot find out. Can anaphylactic shock affect memory or vision afterwards? I had 20 20 & it does not appear to be the case now. I am getting it all checked out this week but you have all the answers."
So far, Frankel's 1.6 million Twitter followers have done exactly what she has asked, giving her post 400-plus likes in addition to 240 comments. Some fans gave her some good advice and input, while others just took to the post to wish the Real Housewives of New York City star the best.

"Thinking it could be related to the treatment of the reaction, not the event itself. ie: side effects of steroid, anti-histamines," one follower suggested.

"Yes! It happened to me!!!! My eyes went bonkers and need glasses now!" another user gushed.

"Yes and a lot more. They should have ran tests and referred you to other specialists I would think. I know some people who need occupational therapy afterwards," a third wrote.

It's already been a rough few weeks for Frankel in terms of her health. As the Inquisitr reported last month, the mother of one was rushed to the hospital after eating soup that contained fish. The reality star shared the scary news on social media, telling her followers that she was unconscious for about 15 minutes before a medical staff was able to save her. According to Frankel, if they would have waited another five minutes, she would be dead.

She also shared with fans that she was in the ICU for two days, and that her blood pressure was really low. She then confessed that she will never travel again without an EpiPen. Then, Frankel encountered yet another scary situation when she was on a flight. As the Inquisitr shared, Bethenny was onboard a plane that was forced to turn around due to Frankel's fish allergy.

Frankel explained that she called the airline multiple times before her flight to explain that she was allergic to fish. But, when she got on the plane, they were serving bass. The airplane ended up having to return to its original destination -- even though Bethenny protested the move, because she felt bad for fellow passengers.

Hopefully 2019 will be a better year for Frankel.