Stormy Daniels Goes Braless Under Open Jacket In ‘Playboy’ Video On Instagram

Tara ZiembaGetty Images

Stormy Daniels became a household name almost exactly a year ago, and she hasn’t stopped making headlines since. On Wednesday, Playboy shared a racy video to Instagram, one featuring the adult-film actress as she talks about living by her own truth.

The clip, which the magazine shared to its verified Instagram page, shows the 39-year-old bombshell rocking different outfits — mainly different sets of jackets worn unbuttoned. She wears nothing underneath. The clip starts by featuring Daniels, legally known as Stephanie Clifford, in a black blazer paired with dress pants. The footage then cuts to another image of her rocking a different outfit, this ensemble consisting of an unbuttoned coat and see-through tights.

“Life is too short to wake up one day and regret not telling the truth,” she says in the video clip, this time featured in a white blazer.

Daniels is then seen wearing a transparent black dress that puts her curvaceous figure on display. Throughout the video, the adult entertainer strikes a host of sensual poses. The footage plays on, her voice in the background.

“‘F*** everyone else. As long as you can look at yourself in the mirror every morning, that’s all that matters.’ See more from the force that is @thestormydaniels in the pages of our Winter 2019 issue and on,” the magazine wrote in the post’s caption.

The snap, which Playboy shared with its 7.1 million Instagram followers, was viewed more than 54,000 times, garnering more than 6,800 likes and nearly 100 comments in short order. Users of the popular social media platform took to the comments section to express how they felt about the video. As with everything regarding Daniels, the comments often turned political.

“I appreciate her coming forward with her story and I admire her confidence in the face of adversity,” one user wrote, paired with clapping hands. Another user quipped, “Apparently my opinion of her depends on whether I like Donald Trump. What an enlightened time we live in.”

Daniels — who allegedly had an affair with the president and was paid to keep quiet about it before the 2016 election — became embroiled in a scandal in January of 2018 when The Wall Street Journal broke a story about the existence of a nondisclosure agreement signed by Daniels and Trump. She has been publicly criticizing, and trolling, the president ever since.

As the Washington Post recently reported, Daniels went as far as to stream herself folding laundry in her underwear at the same time that Trump addressed the nation from the Oval Office. Trump took to prime time television to speak about the continuing crisis at the U.S.-Mexico border.