Jessa Duggar Seewald Hilariously Claps Back At Criticism On Niece Felicity's Bare Feet

Jessa Duggar Seewald has definitely not lost her sense of humor, despite being pregnant with her third child. She has been known for her quick and witty comebacks whenever someone chooses to tell her or a member of her family how to raise their kids. Her most recent one had to do with her newest niece, 6-month-old Felicity Vuolo.

Jessa's sister, Jinger, flew to Arkansas this week with her baby daughter for a visit with the Duggar family. Jinger had posted a slew of pictures on her Instagram account revealing that she, Jessa, and Jana Duggar made a stop at their cousin Amy's brand new clothing shop called 3130 Clothing. A couple of the snapshots showed Felicity having fun for their girls' day of shopping. It looked like aunt Jana was in charge of her niece while Jinger tried on a few outfits.

Felicity is as cute as ever and most Duggar fans loved seeing her in her little pink cap and gray outfit. However, she didn't have any shoes or socks on at all. A few negative comments were made about the barefoot pictures. The Duggar mom was told that maybe she could buy socks for her daughter while shopping. Another person expressed concern that her feet were getting cold.

Every once in a while, Jinger will give a response to people who question her parenting, but nothing like her older sister does. Jessa doesn't hold back when it comes to negative comments, but she does it with humor, and maybe even a little bit of sarcasm. This response from the expectant mom had fans laughing about it and cheering her on.

"And she was let outside to run in the snow like that. So terrible."
Some people were quick to point out to the naysayers that it is possible that Felicity was constantly pulling her socks off, so Jinger may have decided to keep them off. Others mentioned that they were inside the shop at the time as well.

This was not the only time that she had to defend one of her nieces. Just recently Jessa shared a photo of her son Henry with his cousin, Josh and Anna's daughter Meredith. The little girl had the bottoms of her feet showing and they were a bit dirty. That brought on the haters, as previously reported by the Inquisitr.

Jessa wasn't having it. She just nicely told them that her feet were also dirty as they were going barefoot in the 60-degree weather. The family members, especially the kids, are often seen without shoes on. The Duggar daughter is also well known for losing her shoes as often as possible.

Now that Jessa Duggar Seewald will soon have three kids to share photos of, there is sure to be more criticism ahead. It's doubtful that she will let the negativity bother her too much. She won't be shy about speaking up when she feels the need to.