'The Young And The Restless' Spoilers: Nikki's Stunning Confession!

Rachel Dillin

New The Young and the Restless spoilers show that Nikki makes a stunning confession that leads to drama between Nick and Victor over the best course of action.

For months now, Nick's (Joshua Morrow) mom Nikki (Melody Thomas Scott), sister Victoria (Amelia Heinle), ex-fiance Sharon (Sharon Case), and current girlfriend Phyllis (Gina Tognoni) have kept a major secret from him about J.T.'s death. Nick had no clue that they were the ones who ended up murdering and subsequently hiding J.T.'s body, according to Inquisitr.

However, Nick actor Joshua Morrow recently revealed to Soap Opera Digest that Nikki spills the beans in the near future, leaving him stunned. When Nikki finds a bloody poker, she loses it entirely. Somebody is out to terrorize Nikki, and she turns to her son since Victor is in jail.

According to Morrow, "Nick doesn't believe her at first. He thinks that she's so spun out and confessing to things that she has nothing to do with. But the more she talks, Nick realizes that she knows more than she had previously ever let on to him."

Nikki is careful not to mention either Sharon or Phyllis, so Nick does not realize the other women in his life are involved. As far as he knows, only Nikki and Victoria know what happened to J.T. after he abused Victoria and Nikki finally hit him with the fireplace poker.

To try to help Nikki, Nick visits Victor (Eric Braeden) in jail, but he has to be careful how he explains what he knows to The Mustache since the rooms are likely bugged. Nick wants to help Victor see that Nikki needs Victor on the outside instead of in jail taking the fall for her. Unfortunately, Victor is incredibly stubborn and believes that he's doing the absolute right thing for Nikki.

Morrow explained, "The game is changed, and Nicky is in danger and needs help. Victor sitting in jail is accomplishing nothing."

Ultimately, Victor and Nick struggle to reach an understanding because Victor still does not trust Nick, and Nick does not trust his father much, either. However, they both love Nikki, and she's their priority.

Morrow asked, "Will they be able to put their feelings for each other aside to do what's best for Nikki?"

That remains to be seen.