Cher Asks 'Hero' Nancy Pelosi To Give Trump 'His F***ing Money'

The partial government shutdown is now on day 20, leaving hundreds of thousands of people going without pay as Democrats square off with President Trump over funding for a barrier along the U.S.-Mexico border. Millions of people across the country and even the world have given their two cents on the situation, and now, the Hill reports, renowned singer Cher has done the same.

Taking to her Twitter account on Wednesday, January 9, the "Believe" singer slammed the president for making the situation "political" while "real people are really suffering."

Cher continued, calling in to question where the "crisis" at the border was one year ago, and even one month ago, and in an earlier tweet from the day before, she slammed the president's demand for $5 billion when there is bound to be a hefty maintenance fee for it every year.

And while it's obvious that Cher is not the president's number one fan, nor is she necessarily in agreement with building a barrier along the border, she does want those suffering from the government shutdown to see some relief--in her expletive tweet on Wednesday, she asked for her "hero" Nancy Pelosi to "let him have his f***ing money."

"People will starve, lose their homes, be unable to see doctors," she wrote to her 3.6 million-person following.

Cher remained relatively silent on social media after sending out her tweet pleading with Nancy Pelosi until the early morning hours of Thursday, January 10, when she turned her focus to the media coverage of her post that wrote she "demanded" an end to the shutdown.

"Fake news, no 'demand' was made," she wrote, quoting an article originally from Fox News.

The outspoken music superstar has frequently taken to social media to air her grievances with the Trump administration and has been especially vocal about the need to end the government shutdown for the sake of the workers continuing to go without a job and without pay.

But Cher isn't the only famous face to use her voice to call on specific lawmakers to put an end to the government shutdown. Around the same time the "If I Could Turn Back Time" singer sent out her tweet to Speaker Pelosi, actress Alyssa Milano used her own account on the social media platform to encourage her 3.49 million followers to call on five senators in Colorado, Alaska, Arizona, Maine, and Kansas to reopen the government.

"Use your voice. Advocate," she told her followers in the tweet.