'The Bachelor' 2019: Catherine Agro Posts Racy Bikini Photo As She's Dubbed This Season's Villain

The Bachelor 2019 has only aired one episode so far, but fans have already labeled Catherine Agro the villain. Viewers who tuned in for the premiere episode of the show watched as Catherine talked to Colton Underwood, not once or twice, but a whopping four times during the first night.

According to a January 9 report by Pop Sugar, Catherine Agro's three steals of Bachelor star Colton Underwood was a premiere night record. Her actions caused a ton of drama amongst the other girls in the house, one of whom who took her aside for a conversation about the behavior.

"Fourth time's a charm," Underwood told Agro when she came back for their fourth conversation of the night, sparking anger in the other girls -- especially women who hadn't gotten to speak with him at all up to that point.

Catherine also made an unforgettable entrance on the show, bringing her adorable little dog with her, and giving her pup to Colton to take care of throughout her time on the show.

While it seems that Agro is a real scene-stealer on the show, she also turns heads via her social media account. Fans are starting to discover that the new Bachelor villain has no problem showing off some skin.

In her Instagram bio, Catherine Agro reveals that she is a twin, and an aspiring DJ. She also reveals that she is a Christian, and a real estate agent who attended the University of Florida.

Upon inspection of her photos, fans will see that there's a pretty clear theme. Agro loves sporting skimpy outfits, including a lot of bikinis.

In her latest bikini photo, Catherine is seen sporting a black swimsuit with see-through elements as she lies on a stone wall in front of a cut out window. A gorgeous ocean view can be seen in the background.

Agro shows off her flat tummy, lean legs, and ample cleavage in the racy bathing suit photograph. She goes barefoot, and dons a pair of dark sunglasses to shield her eyes from the rays. Her long blonde hair is worn down, styled in loose waves which fall all around her in the snapshot.

Catherine also tags the Bachelor Winter Games Instagram account in the picture, seemingly trying to get their attention -- and possibly hoping for an invitation to the show. In another photo, one where she snuggles up to a friend in front of some green foliage, Agro tags Bachelor in Paradise. Fans might see her on that show this summer, assuming she doesn't win over Colton.

Fans can watch Catherine Agro -- and the other girls vying for Colton Underwood's heart -- when The Bachelor airs on ABC. The show airs on Monday nights.