Emmy Rossum Rocks Swimsuit, Talks About Decision To Leave 'Shameless,' Calling It Both 'Scary' And 'Wonderful'

Emmy Rossum is ready for the next phase in her professional life, even though she knows it may be a little bit scary.

As fans of the actress know, Rossum left the Showtime show Shameless after nine seasons of playing Fiona Gallagher on the hit show. Now, the 32-year-old is looking to the future, and is very excited -- and a little bit scared -- about upcoming projects, according to an interview with Shape, per YouTube.

"I couldn't be more thrilled to spend time writing, directing, and seeing what other characters I want to play. It's both scary and wonderful."
The actress also referred to her cast mates as her "family," and admitted that it was tough to leave both them and the show behind. This past August, Rossum shocked her fans by announcing that she would be leaving Shameless, delivering the news in a lengthy Facebook post.

"Until 'Shameless' came into my life 8 years ago, I led that kind of transient wonderful life of an actor," she wrote. "And I never realized how much I actually craved the kind of continuity that this show has given me. And given all of us in the crew. Season after season I'm amazed that our same crew comes back."

In the post, the actress also explained that in real life, she is an only child -- so playing the role of Fiona, a girl with so many siblings, was like making her dream of having a big family into a reality. She also called the opportunity to play the role of Fiona "a gift." To end the post, she thanked the cast and crew for all of their tireless work on the show, and reminded everyone that even without her, the show must go on.

"I know you will continue on without me, for now. There is much more Gallagher story to be told. I will always be rooting for my family. Try not to think of me as gone, just think of me as moving down the block."

The actress also shared a few photos from her Shape spread, including one of her in a sexy black swimsuit. In the image, Rossum stands in front of a pool as she runs her hands through her curly hair. The actress' body is fully on display in a cut-out swimsuit that showcases her toned abs. On the bottom, Rossum wears a pair of jean shorts that are slightly unbuttoned to expose her stomach.

The image has already earned Rossum a ton of attention, attracting over 154,000 likes in addition to 1,500 comments. Emmy points out to fans that they can take a peek at her full interview with Shape when it hits newsstands tomorrow.