Fitness Guru Jem Wolfie Shows Off Massive Cleavage In Stunning Bikini Pic

Jem WolfieInstagram

Australian fitness guru and athlete Jem Wolfie has been turning heads with and stunning her social media followers as of late, and it seems she is showing no signs of slowing down. In her newest share to popular social media platform Instagram, Wolfie has — once again — stolen hearts and captured the attention of her fanbase, thanks to an alluring snapshot.

In this particular photo, Wolfie is seen posing in the clear waters along an unknown, pristine looking beach. The pose is quite striking, as it makes it look like Jem is emerging from the water. It also has the added effect of showing off the Instagram star’s ample assets.

For this trip to the beach, Wolfie is rocking a bright red bikini, which contrasts with the greenish-blue hue of the surrounding water. The sun is beating down from the sky, falling upon her toned, taut sun-kissed skin. Jem’s light brown hair is flipped back over her right shoulder, as she poses upright with a giant smile on her face.

For those looking to find out where Jem Wolfie is soaking up all the sun, you’ll be sad to hear that she didn’t tag the photo in question with a particular location, though there are hints as to where she’s enjoying herself.

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Having the best time in London ????????

A post shared by Jem ???? Wolfie (@jemwolfie) on

Recent photos from Wolfie’s Instagram account show that she has recently been vacationing in England. While on her trip, Jem took the time to snap a few stunning photos, including one where she is standing in front of the famous Tower Bridge in London, and another where she is posing in an old-fashioned, bright red phone booth.

In recent Instagram snaps, Jem has mentioned how she was excited to return to her home in Australia, and in her second-most recent pic, she posted another bikini shot that also reveals that she has reached home safely.

Wolfie’s fans were absolutely enamored with her most recent beach photo. In less than 24 hours of posting, the pic in question has accrued over 210,000 likes and over 1,900 comments to boot. One commenter, in particular, was completely blown away.

“You are a lovely goddess of voluptuous delights, with a lovely face, a fantastically fabulous figure, and a gorgeous, round, beautifully buxom, big and bountiful, PHAT bosom!” wrote user lyricalbard, who certainly lives up to his username.

When she isn’t busy posting to her Instagram account — which has amassed over 2.4 million followers — Jem Wolfie, 27, keeps busy as a personal trainer. She is also the founder and chef of Good Eats, a meal-prep business which she promotes on Instagram.