'The Conners' Lecy Goranson Admits She Was Concerned About Reaction To Becky's Miracle Pregnancy At Age 43

The Conners kicked off its inaugural season with surprising news: Becky, the eldest daughter of Dan and the late Roseanne, is pregnant. The surprise pregnancy came after a one-nighter with a busboy at the Mexican restaurant Becky works at, and also after the 43-year-old Casita Bonita waitress was told she was too old to be a surrogate.

In a new interview with Entertainment Tonight, The Conners star Lecy Goranson admitted she had some concerns about Becky's big pregnancy reveal when it played out in the episode "Miracles" in late November.

"At first, it was exciting and fun and really interesting in terms of Roseanne's death and there being this idea of life moving forward, which is really beautiful," Goranson told ET.

"And then I had another thought: Was it somewhat irresponsible to put out in the universe that someone in their forties could get pregnant as a miracle when there are so many women that are really struggling with their fertility at that age? I did definitely take that into account, but I also think that life happens and it's an opportunity for Becky to be honest with herself."
Goranson explained that as a result of her pregnancy, Becky was forced to get honest with herself about her drinking problem and get her life together, but the actress also noted that many people take stock of their lives once they hit their 40s.

"There was a part of me thinking of Becky as almost like a female id," The Conners star said. "She's totally indulging, she's drinking, she's sleeping with a lot of guys. …Although it seems really indulgent, there's another side to that, now that she's pregnant and grappling with how she's gotten to where she's come, I think that's something that at my age that everyone feels. Like, how did I get here? What am I even doing? It's a really kind of average thing to feel and think about when you're in your forties and just see where you want your life's directive to go and how you've changed."

In the "Miracles" episode, The Conners fans were shocked when 43-year-old Becky Conner announced she was pregnant after previously being told she had less than a five percent chance of getting pregnant due to her age.

In the episode, Becky revealed that she got pregnant after a one-night stand with either Ramon (Marques Ray), the manager at the Casita Bonita, or Emilio (Rene Rosado), the busboy. The Conners character briefly considered putting her baby up for adoption due to financial concerns, but her family rallied behind her and vowed to support her and the baby.

The surprising pregnancy storyline came after an arc on the Roseanne revival had Becky preparing to become a surrogate for a wealthy woman named Andrea (Sarah Chalke) in exchange for $50,000. On the Roseanne episode "Twenty Years to Life," Becky lied to the woman she hoped to surrogate for, telling her she was 33-years-old. Becky later joked that her fake surrogate age is her "skin age" according "to the lady at the MAC counter."

While the premise of Becky getting away with her lie was pretty farfetched to begin with—a state I.D. and the mom-to-be's medical records would have been required early on in the surrogacy process—in the end, Becky was told of her low chances of getting pregnant and Andrea moved on to another surrogate. Becky Conner broke down over the news that she would probably never have kids of her own. Until that drunken one-night stand with her co-worker, that is.

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