‘RHOBH’ Dorit Kemsley’s Husband’s Assets To Be Seized Over Million Dollar Unpaid Loan

Greg DohertyGetty Images

Dorit Kemsley’s husband Paul “PK” Kemsley is facing some serious money woes, and they are about to get worse, according to court documents obtained by The Blast. The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills co-star is being sued by a man who claims that PK failed to make payments on a $1.2 million loan and he intends to seize his income and assets in order to recover the lost funds.

Nicos Kirzis claims he loaned PK $1.2 million in 2011, with a deadline of 2013 to pay back the funds. In 2016, Kirzis sued PK in a New York Court, saying that he hadn’t seen a dime of the loan repayment. PK attempted to argue at the time that his 2013 bankruptcy in the U.K. took care of the loan, essentially wiping the debt out. The only problem, Kirzis says, is that he wasn’t listed as a creditor in the bankruptcy case and so he wasn’t obligated to forgive the loan.

During the case, the judge ordered PK to pay the money owed, plus interest and fees, bringing his total debt to $1,275,221.48. Apparently, the reality star made a $250,000 payment, but Kirzis says this only covers new interest and the total owed remains the same. At this point, it looks as though unless PK is able to fight the judgment, Kirzis is legally able to take his wages or property.

This latest money issue is in addition to PK’s previous woes. In August, it was reported that the property developer was being sued by the Bellagio Hotel and Casino over a $3.6 million unpaid marker. In 2013, the casino sued PK for the marker, claiming that he’d paid about $875,000. PK says that his 2013 bankruptcy should have wiped out the debt, but again, the casino says that the order wasn’t valid.

It isn’t just PK who is finding himself in hot financial water. Dorit has had her own struggles this year after she was sued by her former business partner Ryan Horne for $200,000. Horne claims that Dorit, PK, and he entered into an agreement to work together with the idea that they would share the profits while he would advance the money on the line and be reimbursed.

He says that he provided $129,052.51 in goods and $75,000 in advanced costs but hasn’t seen any money in return, despite the company being worth $300,000, he claims.

A source told Page Six that Horne “is a manufacturer who let everyone down with false promises and did not have the capacity to do what he said he would do. He has sort to extort the Kemsleys with the threat of publicity and a fabricated lawsuit which now sits in the realms of fantasy. He did not advance any money nor did he invest in the business. His behavior towards Dorit and her team was unacceptable and his actions have caused the business a lot of damage. Any lawsuit will be vigorously defended and countered.”