Georgia Fowler Flaunts Fit Body In Crop Top & Spandex Shorts As She Jogs With Boots & Jacket In The Snow

Matt WinkelmeyerGetty Images

Georgia Fowler revealed to her Instagram fans that she’s got a bag packed with all sorts of clothing items for all weather types, as she’s currently on a circuit, traveling for different gigs around the world. In the photo, the model sported a black crop top with neon-yellow and white accents at the bottom, along with orange spandex shorts. She paired this with an ’80s inspired multi-colored jacket and white snow boots. Georgia appeared to be jogging in a snowy landscape, as her hair was pulled up in a very high bun with a thick scrunchie.

And as a successful model, Fowler’s no stranger to traveling. However, her recent string of Stories revealed a horrible traveling experience, as her flight was canceled after waiting in the airport for hours for better news. She talked about what happened over a few clips, as a broken-heart emoji was pasted on the bottom left corner. She also noted that she had “lost a dream job.. v tired.”

One of the biggest problems she had appeared to be with her luggage, so she gave another update letting folks know that she had re-packed everything into a carry-on bag. Hopefully Georgia doesn’t deal with any more travel disasters, but at the very least, she’s prepared for the worst as much as she can.

But that’s not to say the model spent all her time moping, as she found the time to go work out in a gym. She appeared to be in much better spirits after the workout, which is no surprise considering how dedicated Fowler is to fitness. She previously told WWD her secret for staying in shape.

“It’s an ongoing workout. I do lots of strength training, I do lots of interval training, and I mix it up with classes or whatever I can do when I’m traveling. I like to keep it interesting and shock the body, so you’re never doing the same thing and it makes you want to keep going if it’s different.”

It’s been a busy few days for Georgia, as she made an appearance at a Golden Globes event after receiving a last-minute invite. From there, she jetted off to NYC for a gig, and is headed elsewhere now. And as one of the Victoria’s Secret models, Fowler also made a splash at the 2018 Fashion Show. This is what Georgia had to say about what it’s like to work with the other models.

“They deserve their spots and it makes you want to work harder to be there. It’s really motivating to see the Angels who have been doing it for so long. It sets my goals high and I hope that I can remain that fine and fit.”