Camille Kostek Rocks A Blue Swimsuit & Soaks Up The Sun In St Thomas On Instagram

Rich PolkGetty Images for Sports Illustrated

Camille Kostek is bringing the summer vibes to her Instagram feed with a bikini photo from when she was in St. Thomas. The model sported a light blue ensemble with bright red and yellow designs. She wore her hair down in soft waves, as she held a sun umbrella with her right hand. Camille appeared to be walking around in the sand, as she smiled widely for the camera. It’s been some time since Kostek has shared a bikini pic, with her latest swimsuit post dated October 29. In that photo, Camille sported an olive green string bikini, which she modeled for Sports Illustrated. The shoot took place at the Kangaroo Island in South Australia, and the photo accentuated Camille’s curves and natural beauty as her makeup was minimal.

At any rate, the model asked her fans to recommend their favorite destinations that she could consider traveling to, as she’s putting together a list of places she wants to go in 2019. People responded with a wide range of ideas, with some people suggesting their home towns. The possibilities included the Grand Cayman, Boracay in the Philippines, and the Maldives. Others added Puerto Rico, Sardinia, and the British Virgin Islands. No doubt those are great places to visit, many of which are favorite stomping grounds for models and celebrities.

While she’s known as a model, Kostek’s also well-known for being NFL player Rob Gronkowski’s girlfriend. She previously opened up to the BroBible, who asked her some tough questions. One included how she deals “with women throwing themselves at [Rob]?”

“Honestly, it doesn’t really bother me. He and I both love to meet new people, and when someone comes up to either of us, we entertain them. We would never snub anyone. I have a memory of being at a club at Mohegan Sun, and he was talking to a group of girls and I was with my friends. He and I saw each other from across the room and both gave each other a thumbs up. We have each other’s backs, and we both trust each other.”

Gronkowski makes his way onto Camille’s Instagram feed from time to time, and the posts elicit positive responses from both of their fans. The last time he was featured was on Christmas, when Kostek shared a selfie of the two of them as fans gushed, “they’re so cute” and “You guys are my fav couple along with @ericdecker and @jessiejamesdecker.” In the picture, Camille sported a beanie and Rob wore a simple hoodie.