Alexis Ren Dons Unfastened Robe In New Instagram Photo

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It appears that Alexis Ren is back from her Mexican vacation, but she’s keeping the tropical vibes alive by sharing photos from the trip with her fans on Instagram. Her newest post shows her wearing a robe, as she left it partially open while tugging at the ties. While she wasn’t wearing a top, the model wore lingerie bottoms as well as a towel in her hair. She also popped her left leg out of the robe and closed her eyes for the photo. Other recent updates included bikini photos of Ren in white and black ensembles, as she soaked up the sun and enjoyed her stay at Casa Malca in Tulum.

Yesterday was an emotional day for the model, on the other hand, as she opened up to her fans about the anniversary of her mother’s passing. Ren didn’t mention this in her posts, just in her Stories. It’s clear how much Alexis’ family means to her, not just because of her heartfelt messages yesterday but also because she has a highlights section dedicated just to family.

And speaking of Stories, Alexis shared a second photo from her robe photoshoot, which showed her giving the camera a coy look as she hugged the robe closed.

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heart in the tropics, mind in the city

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On a different note, Alexis has previously shared some of her secrets to looking great even while traveling often. This is what she revealed to Allure.

“My hairstylist, EJ Hagen. He’s my L.A. secret. Most colorists don’t care about the long term health of my hair. They don’t think, ‘She’s in the sun a lot, maybe we shouldn’t use bleach.’ He’s the first colorist that’s actually told me no. Many times. I need people like that in my life.”

And when it comes to playing at the beach, Ren takes special precautions. Known for her photoshoot with Sports Illustrated, her advice is certainly the result of experience.

“My hair’s very dry so I have to put coconut oil in my hair and braid it before I go out so the salt water doesn’t dry it out. I also use Clarins Sunscreen Care Oil Spray and use tons of Kiehl’s SPF Facial Fuel UV Guard sunscreen; I hate when my hair and body get sun damaged.”

It’ll be interesting to see what’s next for Alexis this year. A recent post revealed that she was back in California, attending a Golden Globes after party. She wore a figure-hugging sparkly black dress with her hair in braided pigtails.

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