Marie Osmond Says She And Donny Will Probably Retire And End Their Popular Vegas Show This Year

Joe ScarniciGetty Images

Could it be the end of an era?

During a stop at Andy Cohen’s late-night Bravo show Watch What Happens Live, Marie Osmond broke the hearts of Osmond fans all over the world, confessing that her and her brother’s hit Las Vegas show may be coming to an end sooner rather than later. The singer told Cohen that she and Donny have been thinking about retiring for years but 2019 could be the year that it actually happens, much to the dismay of fans.

“We say it every year and then we do another year. We’re kind of thinking this year. You know, you kind of decide 10 years and then you turn it to 11. So we’re thinking this year, but I don’t know. You know, Donny’s getting old. I’m having — it’s really fun. It really is a fun show.”

“Donny has said this many years,” Marie told the Bravolebrity. “I don’t know. Honestly, we are thinking this year. We were supposed to be there six weeks!”

Originally, the famous siblings signed on for a six-week stint in Sin City back in 2008. But due to the popularity of their hit show, they ended up staying Las Vegas for the past 11 years, something that they didn’t ever see coming. During the interview, Osmond called the show “fun” and mentioned that people from all over the world travel to see them perform.

And prior to their Vegas residency, Marie reminded Cohen that she and Donny didn’t work together for nearly 30 years. Donny was busy performing different shows such as Joseph and the Amazing Technicolor Dreamcoat on Broadway and Marie was busy with her country music career.

Only time will tell if 2019 is actually the year that ends their show, but Donny has also hinted that this would be their last year in prior interviews. Most recently, Donny made headlines for an injury that happened while he was dancing in rehearsals for their show.

As the Inquisitr shared, Donny hurt his shoulder pretty badly and it required him to get surgery to fix a tear. Osmond let his fans know about the injury on social media when he posted a photo of himself wearing ice as well as a sling and a brace. And the caption of the post showed that even though he was feeling crummy, the singer had not lost his sense of humor.

“Turns out dancing accidents aren’t so convenient after all. [shrugging emoji] I’m home after a successful shoulder surgery and settling in for some serious [rest and recovery]. My only complaint about the day: my doctor gave me the cold shoulder.”

Here’s to hoping for a speedy recovery for Donny.